Writing Prompt

So, I figured it was time to go back to a nice sentence prompt. Does that mean that I’m going to pick one that’s extremely easy? … ….. nah. I still love the challenging prompts, and the prompts that make us think, the prompts that make us truly delve inside of ourselves to access our best writing ability! So, onward for the prompt!

One day as you were cleaning you noticed air being sucked towards the base of wall near the cupboard. Perplexed you went closer to investigate. The air was going in, slightly yet in. You hold your breath and gingerly peel away at the wallpaper until a huge wrought iron door stands before you. Where does it lead? Did you imagine this? What happens next?

Taken from: Writer’s Digest

So there you have it. A mysterious door. A chance to make this story into literally anything that you want, between fantasy and horror, or anything in between. I’m really excited to see how everyone manages to do this prompt – I especially love line prompts like this, because we are all given the same beginning of a story, but our roads diverge as soon as we come to the part of the road where we can choose our own path.

I can’t wait to see what path each and every one of you choose.

Remember, if you do the prompt, link back to me! Whether you’re on tumblr, twitter, or anywhere in between. I will post your name and a link to your blog on Saturday, so that all of my followers can see your work!

Until then, keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

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