Camp is still going really well for me. I’m managing to keep myself at just where I want to be – I’m at almost 10,000 words for the month so far. (My total wordcount for projects that aren’t camp is at 30,000 words, so that’s wonderful). I’m still managing to hit what I wanted to hit pretty well – I did another 1,000 words of editing on Cerulean Darkness. I’m going to try to just make sure that I work on that at least every other day, so I can get a good chunk of it edited before the month is up.

When Flowers Fall – 3128
The Second Realm – 1516
Serial Killer – 500
Cerulean Darkness – 3275
Misc Short Stories – 836
Untitled – 338

July camp Total: 9593/30,000

My tip for today is really simple: Don’t give up! I know that some people get discouraged when they haven’t hit their goal within the first third of Camp… but that doesn’t mean you should give up! You’ve gotten words – and that’s more than you would have done otherwise. More than that, you can still catch up! You can still win Camp NaNo.

The most beautiful thing about camp is that you set your OWN goal. So, if it seems like you overshot, or overestimated the time that you had this month? Adjust. You’re allowed to do that for Camp – the NaNo officials even encourage it. Set your goal to something that you hit, and shoot for it. I know that you can make it! I know that we can all make it. We’re going to come out of this month one way or another with more words than we started with, and that’s a pretty amazing accomplishment, in my book.

Until tomorrow guys! Keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

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