So, for a little bit of back story before I post this, my character Jo is from my first D&D game that actually took off… like, 5 years ago. She was completely in love with my husband (then boyfriend)’s character, Sig. I’ve also had terrible, terrible times with the spell Obscuring Mist.

I decided to remake Jo as my character in this campaign, but I like to think that she’s just a reincarnation of my Jo from before… which leaves the question of how my dear Kyvin died in her last life! But I’ll worry about that later! For now, enjoy the story!

The Mist

Her eyes closed, and she felt a roil of irritation flood her senses. It wasn’t the first time that she’d come into contact with this particular brand of magic, and she knew – with her luck – that it wouldn’t be the last.

Worse, she’d had nightmares about it… dreams of a life that was much like her own, but wasn’t this world at all; dreams of a world that was flooded with alien monsters. Dreams of a world that held a man with silver hair and a face so beautiful it could break your heart or send you into near insanity.

And damn her if that heartbreaking face hadn’t uttered the same words as Cervantes, and damn her if that dream hadn’t been filled with the same obscuring mist that filled the room where they stood now.

In her dreams, the damn spell had caused her to miss with her sword – a sword that sparked flame and dripped acid. It caused her to miss vital moments when her strike should have aimed true… and Jo couldn’t help but to feel animosity towards the spell, even though she’d never seen her love use it before.

There was a part of her that twitched at the knowledge that her dreams were influencing her thoughts so greatly… but there was a bigger part of her that twitched at the knowledge that he’d used the spell at all.

Especially in such close quarters.

Especially when a goddamn bugbear had just put a javelin through his leg, and she needed to go and avenge his poor flesh.

She was going to have to have some serious words with her dear healer, once they got out of this fight. Words about how the spell Obscuring Mist was nothing but a nuisance, even if he thought he was helping.

Words about how she absolutely loathed the sight of it, the smell of it. Just the thought of it.

But she wouldn’t tell him why – she wouldn’t tell him it was because she dreams of a man named Sigur Geir, who had eyes like mist and a face so beautiful that it both broke and stole her heart in a single breath.

No, she wouldn’t tell him that. But she would tell him how she hated the spell that made her miss her swings, even when she knew that they were spot on. Maybe that would make her feel better.

So, there was that! This blog is going to be a little shorter than usual, because I’m still trying to give my wrist a little bit of a break until I do totter off to the doctor! I hope you enjoyed it though, because I certainly love writing it!

Until next time, keep rolling those crits, and keep reading and writing!

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