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Writing Prompt

Look at me, being a responsible adult and getting up early to post my blog.

Kek, that’s a lie. I haven’t slept yet, and it’s 7am. I do have coffee though, so that makes it better, right?


Anyway, before I go completely loopy from a lack of sleep, I did want to get this weeks writing prompt thrown up nice and early! So, without further delay, here is the prompt!

This weeks prompt actually comes from my friend Zoya! (When I ask her what she wants me to link, there will be a link to her page as well!)! So, enjoy:

The assassin looked to their partner. “I’m going on a mission, and I need you to stop me at all costs.”

So, there you have it! The writing prompt for this week should be pretty fun! Whether you take the exact sentence, or use it mostly, it’s up to you. Whatever your story pertains to? That’s also up to you. Just know that it has to be about an assassin who wants their partner to stop them from completing their mission at all costs!

Remember, if you do the writing prompt, make sure to link back to me, so that I can feature you on the blog that I post up with my response this coming Saturday! I honestly can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for this one, and I hope that it’s something fun!

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Book.jpegBecause sometimes, we’re just a little to anxious to actually get out to a real book club and talk to people.

I know, for a fact, that if I tried to go to an actual book club in this area… I’d probably never go to meetings. I’d never get out. I’d curl up in a corner and have some issues with my social anxiety that completely and utterly prevented me from even thinking about going and talking about a book.

So, I had this thought. Why not a virtual book club? Most of my writing/reading friends are online anyway. All of you fantastic people are online anyway. I want to have a book club, where we pick a book each month and discuss it.

So, I made a facebook page for it. I made a skype group for it… and we’re going to see how it goes. I think that it could be extremely fun, and I know that reading books with friends and getting the chance to discuss them afterwards could be a ton of fun! I’d have a book of the month post!

What do you guys think about a virtual book club? (And does anyone want to join up? :3?) Do you think it’s just as good as an in person one? Are you even interested in a book club? Tell me your thoughts and feels, because I’m curious!

Until next time, guys, keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

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Writing Prompt Response

So, now that I’ve won NaNo, my blog should get pretty back into order. So, expect things to fall back into line! For now, I’m going to stick to schedule and get to this week’s writing prompt! I actually had to think about this one all weekend, and I’m going to warn you in advance that it talks about a few sensitive topics – death, suicide, not necessarily depression, but hopelessness. I hate to spoil the twist in my writing, but I’m more concerned with trigger warnings for my readers. So, there they are! If you’re still willing to read, the prompt is as follows:

Four hours. It’s been four hours since I jumped out of that plane. The Earth hasn’t come any closer.

So, if you’re ready! Here is my response!

Falling Into Limbo

Four hours. It’s been four hours since I jumped out of that plane. The Earth hasn’t come any closer. In fact, nothing has come closer – there’s been nothing but the endless whipping and scream of the air past my ears, chilled and cool to the touch – nothing but the icy sensation as it snaps across my skin and leaves me feeling just a bit breathless.

The first few moments had been a rush – a release in the knowledge that soon, everything was going to be over. I’d come on this trip with one goal in mind, one focus that had led me past my fears. I’d always been afraid of heights, so it seemed almost appropriate that this was how it would end.

I was also smart enough to know how refuse to pull my parachute. Licensed sky diving instructors might have frowned upon it – so, I made sure to go through some shady channels. With enough money, it wasn’t hard to convince someone to take you up in a plane and let you jump by yourself.

I didn’t know how hard it would be to take off my parachute, and I didn’t want to bring anyone else down with me in the process – I was simply going to make a decision to not pull the release cord. After all, the ground would be there in a few minutes, and then there would be nothing…

And then I would finally be able to rest.

It wasn’t that my life was terrible – I had a job, I had a place to live. I was just tired. Tired of the state of the world and the people in it. Tired of the fact that everyone seemed more inclined to resort to cruelty than to try a peaceful solution. I was tired of waking up every day and knowing that nothing had changed, and nothing that I could do would change anything.

I couldn’t change the world, and I couldn’t change me enough to thrive and exist in it… so I was going to change the one thing that I could – I was going to change the fact that I was in the world at all.

So, I’d jumped out of the plane with my stomach twisting in knots, not over the fact that I was going to kill myself, but that I was facing my fear of heights… and I’d never pulled the cord to my parachute…

For a moment, it seemed like the ground was coming closer – I could see it approaching, I could feel the whip of air around my face… and then I hit a low bank of clouds… and I’d never gotten out of them. The wind continued to whip – my stomach continued to flip in anxiety at the fact that I’d jumped out of a plane, and I could feel my downward momentum making my insides flutter.

But nothing happened.

I felt like a cliche when I turned my watch up – I’d jumped at exactly noon. It was twelve thirty… and I was still in the clouds. I’d wondered then if my watch was malfunctioning – or, if I’d fainted when I’d jumped out of the plane after all.

But I didn’t feel like I’d fainted, and the passage of time was obvious – spinning in the clouds, whipping around in the air… I could feel it as minutes trickled by and turned into hours.

At some point, I’d screamed for help – I’d shouted, wondering if this was some sick trick that was being played on me… but there was no point on the earth that they could have dropped me from that would have had me falling for so long. My screams were answered by no one – my shouts falling instead to the whipping, screaming wind around me.

Four hours had passed, and my hand came to the cord on my parachute – I frowned. Whatever was happening, it wasn’t natural – whatever was happening, it was like a dream. Maybe that was what it was? I was simply dreaming about what I was about to do, my body trying to talk me out of it. I knew, in dreams, the best thing to do was to jolt yourself out of it.

I yanked on the cord, intent on ending this nonsense…

And nothing happened.

I yanked again, and nothing.

I yanked one more time, and the cord snapped off. My hands scrambled to the backpack strapped to my shoulders, but it wasn’t there anymore.

I was still falling, and only after I’d tried to save my only life did I finally fall through the clouds.

Beneath me wasn’t the Earth – it was fire, and liquid, and cold, and icy mountains all at once. I could hear screaming – I could see all of it laid out before me. A thousand different people, trying to kill themselves in a thousand different ways. Some with rope, with guns, with knives or water. Some with pills – and they all seemed to be trapped in the most terrifying moment of that experience.

My eyes widened, and my heart thundered for the first time. Real fear shot through me – this wasn’t a dream. It hit me hard, and it stole the air from my lungs that would have been used to scream again.

This wasn’t a dream, and I wasn’t alive. But I wasn’t dead, either. I was here – stuck in this limbo… falling forever, experiencing my choice forever…

And I didn’t know if there was ever a way that I was going to get out.

So, there it is! My response to the prompt! I hope that you guys enjoyed it, and I am really, really interested in seeing what your response was. I know that there are a million ways that this particular sentence could have been taken. I took it to a darker place, but that doesn’t meant that you would. Let me see your responses! Link me up, and I’ll make sure to link back to you below so that we can share blogs and followers!

I’m really excited to see what you did!

Prompt Responses:

Kayla Dore

Prowling Thunder

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Just remember to keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

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Tag Thursday

So, I found a pretty fun tag for this Thursday – it’s pretty much answering questions based on your current WIP. I picked the one that I worked on most for Camp NaNo, When Flowers Fall. Think Faeries and Djinn, mixed with Beauty and the Beast, mixed with Epic War. Yeah. I may actually redo this particular tag every time I switch WIPs, just so I can always have answers for them. Anyway, I grabbed the tag from Coffee and Calligraphy, where everyone was graciously tagged!

1. A crazy hacker’s gone into your computer, and has deleted all of your music, except for one song off of your writing playlist. Which song is it?

O_O First of all, how in the hell did you get onto my Spotify to delete all of my music. Secondly, you are a monster. I’ve accumulated my preferences in music over the years and I can’t believe you’d do that to me. Third… hm. I suppose if I had to pick a song, probably War of Hearts by Ruelle? I’m developing my playlist for When Flowers Fall right now, so it’s not that difficult.

2. Your protagonist and antagonist have been paired up by friends to go out to lunch together. Where do they go?

>_> Okay. Which protagonist? Because it’s either Djinn or Liam. And either of them going anywhere to lunch with the Fae King just seems like it would result in an untimely death. I don’t want my babies to die, please?

3. You’re crossing a bridge when the troll living under it stops you. He demands to read a chapter from your novel, and won’t let you cross otherwise. Which chapter do you give him?

I haven’t gotten that far in it, but I’d rather give him a chapter that I have planned out for later, where Liam discovers his true identity! It’s going to be pretty wrenching, as far as I’m concerned, especially since he’s going to discover the truth about some lies directly after.

4. Your friends have invited you out to a party. Surprise! All of your characters are there. Who do you choose to hang out with?

Djinn. Djinn. Djinnnnn. He’s beautiful and gorgeous and a goddamn djinn, so he’s gonna be getting into all kind of trouble. And besides that, by proxy, Liam is going to be right there with him. I get them both. Kekek.

5. Crap. You left your car keys in your house, and you’ve (somehow) locked yourself out. Which of your characters picks the lock for you?

>_> I could send Djinn in through his magic. Knowing my luck, he’d try to trick me into it as a wish though.

6. The zombie apocalypse is happening right now. (It sucks.) Everyone is fleeing the planet, and moving to Mars. ONE of your characters can go with you. Who do you choose?

… I don’t want to answer this. Uncool. I would want to bring Liam over Djinn, because he’s actually much nicer. But since he probably wouldn’t go without him… boop-a-doop, I guess us three would stay and fight the apocalypse instead. It’d probably be more fun, anyway.

7. You’ve been given the opportunity to travel to one place (town, building, landmark, country) in your book. Where do you go?

Ohhh, I want to go to the In-Between, where the Fae and Djinn world meets. It’s beautiful and peaceful and lovely. I’m so excited to write about it, and I’m really excited for the scenes that will play out there.

8. You meet your main character and start a conversation with them. Problem is, you’ve only got six words or less to do so. What do you say?

“Don’t be such a jerk, Djinn.” >_> Does that work?

9. Crazy acid rain is falling from the sky. Which of your characters would you use as an umbrella?

The Fae King. Because he’s a dickbag, and if he dissolved in acid, everything would be easier for everyone. Of course, I wouldn’t have conflict then, so that might go poorly for me as a writer.

10. You’re out at a restaurant with your main character, and the time has come to order dessert. What do you order for them?

Probably some fancy wine and something with meat. Djinn is such a meat eater, after all. If I was with Liam, he’d honestly be pretty stoked about anything on the menu? Hell, I’d take him to a diner and we could just have fries and shakes.

And there it is! I hope that you enjoyed reading my answers, and I am actually really excited to see the answers of the people who do this tag. I love getting to know your book characters, even if it’s really obscurely. I’m sure that some of my answers didn’t make sense, but getting to write it out was fun.

Tag me if you end up doing it ❤ I’d love to have a link back to you!

Until then, keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

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Oh, hey, what’s that sound? That’s the sound of this writer winning Camp NaNoWriMo with 100 words to spare!


Winner 2016 - Twitter ProfileAs you can see by my winner goodies swag right there, I managed to get my wordcount in. I’ve been struggling with keeping ahead, falling behind… and these past two days, I’ve just really put in the effort to get ahead, and therefore win by default. I actually went 100 words over my particular writing goal (on purpose, because the validation system likes to eat your words sometimes.

So, even though NaNo said I wrote 30071 words, I wrote 30100, and I’m damn proud of myself! Let’s go ahead and get those stats up one more time, and for the last time for NaNo!

When Flowers Fall – 10774
The Second Realm – 1516
Serial Killer – 1019
Cerulean Darkness – 6522
Misc Short Stories – 2045
Untitled – 4032
The Siren’s Door – 1000
Untitled 2 – 3192

July Camp NaNo Total: 30100/30000. ❤ Winner~!

As you can see, When Flowers Fall ended up being my big project for the month. I didn’t realize that I was going to get so into it, but I did! I’ll probably take a tiny pause from writing it so that I can actually plot some of it out now… when Amanda doesn’t plot, we have a few drastic shifts in the story. Like going from third person to first person… and then going from a female main character to a male main character.

Oopose. Oh well.

I’m honestly really proud of myself. This month has been hard, and hot. And just terrible and wonderful all around… but I still managed to do my NaNo. Not only that, but I have over 70,000 words written for the month already… so honestly, I’m doing a fantastic job over all. I’m going to try my damndest to hit 90k before the month is over… so I’ll update you in a few days to tell you if I’ve managed that ridiculous feat… but all and all, I’m extremely proud.

Camp Nano, and NaNo in general is just such a fantastic event. It gives us goals, it gives us community, and it gives us the chance to feel like we accomplish something when we win. As writers – especially those of us who are struggling/haven’t tried to get published/are trying to finish that first novel/etc… we need that boost. We need that pat on the back, and the sense of accomplishment that we can surpass our goals if we put our mind to it. And even when we don’t win, we get to look back at all of the new words that we’ve written… and there is still a sense of validation, because we sure as hell didn’t have those words before.

So, for those of you still running for the end? You’ve got this. No matter how you do, you’ve got this… because you have more words than you started with. Do word wars over the next few days – participate in some crawls! Message friends and have them write with you! Have a virtual write in with your group! Do whatever you need to get in those last few days of words… and know that am proud of you, and I believe in you. You’re amazing.

Keep being awesome!

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Hey guys, so! It’s been an interesting week/weekend… and I have to say that I’m sorry for the delay in my NaNo update. The fact is, I went through a pretty big roller coaster of emotions that has me a bit off track for NaNo (I’m catching up properly today), and a bit behind on my blogging.

First of all, I had a fantastic birthday. I had a surprise party, I got to spend time with my friends and the people who I care most dearly for… and it was a wonderful time. The sad thing is, after that, one of my fur babies passed away. Little Darius was an adorable rattie, and I didn’t even think he was going to pass. It was sudden, so it was shocking, and I had to deal with mourning that loss for a bit. I’m still sad about it, and of course it’s still upsetting to think on… but I’m capable of properly coming back to blogging now that the ups and downs are over. So, let’s go ahead and get to my NaNo update. I’ve been writing a ton today, trying to get caught back up to where I should be. I have 5 days left to write (so the might NaNo front page speaketh), and I think that I’m going to be able to make that goal.

When Flowers Fall – 8562
The Second Realm – 1516
Serial Killer – 1019
Cerulean Darkness – 6522
Misc Short Stories – 2045
Untitled – 4032
The Siren’s Door – 1000
Untitled 2 – 2313

Wordcount Total: 27009/30000

As you can see, I’ve made some really good progress over the last few hours. I was at 21000 yesterday, or a little over that? I can’t remember. Anyway, I’ve been doing the best that I can get to caught up, to get ahead, to get as close to winning as possible. We’re on the last little downward hill of NaNo, so it’s time to really kick it into gear. If you’re behind, do the best you can to get caught up! If you’re ahead, don’t let off now… keep going. If you’re right on time, you’re doing great xD And you’re probably more balanced and less stressed than most of us.

But the point is to keep on writing. Even if you can’t win, keep writing. Even if you’ve already won, keep writing. You are going to get more words than you had at the beginning of the month, no matter what you do… and that in and of itself is really and accomplishment. Even if you don’t win in word count, you still win NaNo (in my opinion) if you finish with more than you started.

So keep going – we’re all winners.

Until next time, keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

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Writing Prompt

Hey, guys! Sorry that this is a day late, but yesterday was my birthday, and I was busy for most of the day. I still managed to get my 1k (I’m not going to let that get ruined for anything), and then when I got home I found one of my pet rats had passed away. Suffice to say, I wasn’t really in the mood to blog. But… I’m going to take a breath, and keep going. So! For the prompt this week!

“Four hours. It’s been four hours since I jumped out of that plane. The Earth hasn’t come any closer.

Heh, so, that can either be a lot of fun… or you could take it to a really dark place. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Anyway, if you do the writing prompt, make sure to link back to me, so that I can feature you on the blog that I post up with my response this coming Saturday! I honestly can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for this one, and I hope that it’s something fun!

Until next time, keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

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It’s My Party

Posted: July 24, 2016 in Creative WRiting


And I’ll delay blogs if I want to ❤ Ahem. It’s my birthday today, so I’ll be a little busy. I may still end up writing an update blog tonight, but if you don’t see me for the rest of the day, you know why! I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I’ve been a little busy, but I’m going to be putting in some real work to both writing and blogging in general in the coming week and the weeks after. ❤ I can’t wait, and you guys are truly amazing!

(PS: My birthday cookies are kind of amazing, aren’t they O_O)

Writing Prompt Response

Okay! I’m glad that I’m actually a little more together today, as far as getting things posted. I’m going to get this up, and then do a little more writing for my NaNo before updating you on my progress for Camp! I’m really pleased with the turnout for people responding to this prompt this week, and I really implore you to check out the links to their responses at the end of the blog. As far as I was concerned, I took a little more of a lighthearted approach to it.

This weeks writing prompt went as follows:

Your Guardian Angel appears before you- the thing is, this is not what you were expecting.

Without any delay, here is my response!

Unexpected Flight

I still didn’t believe a word that was coming out of his mouth – maybe it was because he looked nothing like an angel. After all, angels were supposed to be models of chastity, and purity. He was standing in front of me, dressed in soft leather pants and nothing else… and his dark frame was well muscled. The leather jacket that he’d been wearing was slung across the banister of my apartment building, completing the scene. He looked like a goddamn pants model, leaning there against the wall… and his green eyes that stood out in contrast to his dark hair and lashes were penetrating me with their smokey hues.

No, he didn’t look like an angel at all – in fact, I would have been more convinced that he was a devil, if he’d approached me that way.

“Did you hear me, Michael?” His voice was melodious, like string instruments plucking verbiage out of thin air. “We need to get out of here. They’re going to come for you.”

My mouth worked for a moment, words failing me. I was usually such an eloquent individual with my ability to enunciate myself, but somehow I was floundering over my own words while standing in his presence.

It didn’t help that he leaned forward as he spoke, his arms crossing over his chest and only giving me a clear view of how well defined his muscles were.

“I, uh…”

“Need to get moving, or me showing myself to you is going to be moot point.” He rolled those jade orbs heavenward, as though asking God for the patience to deal with with me, and then stepped forward. “Listen, you can be in awe over my grandeur later-”

“Aren’t angels supposed to be modest?”

“Aren’t humans supposed to have some sense of self-preservation?”


I finally started to move, though it probably had something to do with his strong fingers encircling my wrist. He was pulling my six foot frame along as though I weighed nothing. “Maybe my self-preservation is a bit off kilter due to the fact that a man appeared before me in a flash of light and told me demons were trying to kill me?” I finally managed a full sentence, and I was proud of it.

“Maybe I’m too honest with myself to pretend that I’m not made in the image of heaven. Of course I’m good looking.” He pulled me further out of the apartment complex, dragging me down an alley and looking around surreptitiously for a moment, as though some grand secret were about to be revealed, and he wasn’t happy about it. When he was sure that he was alone, he released my wrist… and then he smiled at me.

I felt like I’d had the full power of the sun turned against me in that moment, and I could do nothing but stare in awe as he stretched, languid, and then let his arms come out to his side.

There was a burst of sound, the sensation of wind… and then wings spilled from his back in an elegant motion that left me stunned and startled. They weren’t just white feathers – they were opalescent. They were the most beautiful things that I’d ever seen (aside from him), and he didn’t even give me a chance to properly gawk.

“Stop staring and come here.”

“I… what?” I frowned, pushing strands of brown hair out of my eyes where the wind of his wings had blown it.

“God, Michael, I thought we were past your stutters. I’ve been watching you for twenty years, and you’ve been nothing if not grandiose in your ability to speak. Don’t stop on my account.” He stepped forward without giving me a chance to process if he’d just insulted or complimented me, and his arms came tight around me.

I had a moment to think that being clasped against his bare chest was one of the best feelings that I’d ever had, and then there was a gust of air and a flex of strength…

And then we were flying.

So, there we go! I actually really enjoyed that, and… knowing me, it’s going to end up being some type of a novel, because I can’t seem to help myself! Now, for the real goodies! Check out the people below who also did this prompt!




Jasmina Offer

So! Make sure to go and check those out! I love seeing how so many different responses can come from the same writing prompt! I’ll be posting up a fresh prompt tomorrow, and I really hope that you all respond! I love being able to feature you on my blog! Until then, guys!

Keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

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Book Thought Friday

A tad late is better than never though, right? I wrote the majority of this last night, but I got so tired and I wasn’t feeling well, so I decided that it was better to post it this morning, as opposed to pushing myself through with it and ending up feeling worse. I didn’t want to give a lousy post, because I really do adore the prospect of Book Thought Friday! It gives me a chance to talk about my reading experiences, and what I’m thinking and feeling.

That being said, I wanted to touch on a topic before I really started writing about what I’ve been reading. As you all know, I got a new e-reader at the beginning of this month. I was honestly one of those people who happened to be 100% against e-readers. I thought that they were going to be the end of the physical copies in general, and it wasn’t doing anything for writers.

And then I ran into a problem – that problem was no bookhself space left. I filled up two full sized bookshelves and two half bookshelves. When I ran out of room on those, I filled up a dresser and a pantry… and then, I filled up the side shelf of my bed. And still, I wanted more books….

So, I made a concession – I’d try an e-reader out. My husband suggested that I get books on e-readers, and only buy the physical copies of the ones that I really, really enjoyed. I was excited – I got an early birthday present… and I’ve been reading more every since.

I realize now that I’m kind of ranting – I’ll have to do a full post on e-reader vs. physical book soon! The point is, I love it – it’s helped me to read so much more. With that being said, onward to my book thoughts!

So, first on my list is Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes. I already did a book review on this book, and you can find that HERE. but it did consume a lot of my reading time, so I wanted to go ahead and prod at it again.

I thought that it was a fantastic book, I really did. Scott Cawthon is a fantastic storyteller, and the fact that he got the help of a writer to help him tell the story? Pure genius. Yes, there are some technical issues, but if I find a book interesting… that doesn’t matter so much. I don’t care about a few typos, what I care about is the fact that the story is fantastic.

And this book really did expand on the lore a bit, and give me information that I didn’t have. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is a fan of the FNAF series, because you’ll be getting more story than you realize. There’s also the fact that the writing is extremely interesting, even though it’s not as polished and refined as one would expect.

If you’re interested in getting The Silver Eyes, it’s on amazon for 2.99, and I’d say it’s well worth the three dollars you drop on it.

As a few brief mentions, I started re-reading a few other novels, though I’m making slow pace on them. I won’t discuss them right now, because I was basically flipping through a few things to figure out what I wanted to read.

What I’m currently reading came to me on recommendation. It’s called In The Company of Shadows, and it’s quite lovely.

As I said, I’m only a little into it… about 140 pages. I say a little, because the first volume is around 600 pages. The second volume is probably the same… and there seem to be two other books after that.

The basic premis is years after WWIII, there is a company called the Agency works to take down rebel groups. Enter the main characters Sin and Boyd. They’re thrown to work together, with Sin being called The Monster amongst the Agency’s ranks, and Boyd being basically a civvi, but the son of one of the higher ups.

I know that this book is a LGBT romance, but honestly… the excitement in it is very entertaining. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy so many pages without romance (I admit it, I came to it for sexy gay boys), and I find that I really am. So, I’ll keep you updated on this series, because it’s extremely ongoing. I’m not sure if I’m going to read them all at once – I took a peek at the length of the last novel, and it was over 2000 words on my e-reader. So. Uh… yeah. That’s a lot.

But, I am really enjoying the series. I find the writing entertaining, and the characters of Boyd and Sin so engrossing and delightful that I can’t wait to learn more about them.

So, that’s it for my reading update this week. It’s only been those two books, but I’m really excited for what else has yet to unfold before me. As a side note, if you’re an indie/self-pub author, and you want to get featured on my blog, just hit me up. I really do think that it’s up to the readers just as much to the writers to make sure that our favorite authors get the representation that they deserve!

That being said, thank you for tuning into the blog, and I’ll make sure that I have my next update on time. I should have more about In the Company of Shadows then! As a side note, I’m going to start my reread and posting about the Harry Potter novels in August – I wanted to wait until Camp NaNo as over before I delved into that particular bit of reading, because I have a feeling that it’s going to completely engross me, as far as what my time is spent on.

Thank you so much for reading! And thank you so much for tuning in every week! I’d love to hear about what you’re reading! If you write a blog, let me know! Or, leave it in the comments!

Until next time, you guys! Keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

Author Amanda McCormick

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