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Weekly Writing Prompt: 6/26-7/2

Writing Prompt

So, I want to say first that everyone did fantastic on last weeks writing prompt. I had three different responses that I got to post at the end of my blog, and I’m hoping to get just as many, if not more, for this week. You guys do such an amazing job, and it’s so fun to see how different people create so many different stories from the same given situations. The human mind, and how completely and utterly creative it is, makes me so excited and happy!

So, for this weeks prompt, I was browsing Google under the search of Creative Writing Prompts, and I found one that really struck me as something that could be fun to write.

You decide to spend the day enjoying the sunny weather. And that’s great, until you see him (or her)—but who? The person looks exactly like you, but you know that you don’t have a twin. And what’s this, he (or she) is approaching you—angrily. Who is this, and why are is this person so mad?

This prompt came from the Writer’s Digest Page, and I think that it could be an extremely fun situation to put yourself in, as far as trying to create something out of it. I knew, as soon as I read it, that there was a story brewing inside of me, just waiting for a chance to be released… and I know that the same potential is brewing in each and every one of you! So please, check out the writing prompt! If you respond to it, link me back, whether you’re on facebook, twitter, tumblr, or wordpress! Just make sure that I know that you did the prompt, and I will feature your writing on my blog on Saturday when I post my response!

With Camp NaNoWriMo approaching, if you haven’t come up with an idea, maybe this will help to inspire you!

Until then, I will anxious be waiting to see what you guys produce, and I’ll be working on my own response as well!

Keep reading and writing, and keep being amazing!

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