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Weekly Writing Prompt Response: 6/19-6/25

Writing Prompt

So, I finally got around to answering the writing prompt that I should have done at the first of the week. I don’t suppose it matters when you do it, as long as you do it before the time limit is up. (Which means, my dears, that there is still time for you to get featured in this blog, as long as you get your response in before the day is through.)

In case you didn’t remember, the challenge this week was:

So, for this weeks prompt, take a look at HIS GALLERY (My friend Garett) and select whatever photograph you find the most inspirational. Make sure that you link back to him if you copy/paste it into your blog. I’ll probably be drawing from his works a lot, so if you see multiple pictures that you want to write with, don’t worry… we will revisit. This gives you a wide range of options, but still pushes you outside of the limits of what you were previously working on.

I chose a photo, and wrote a 500 word prompt based on the thoughts and emotions that it elicited.


A Path to the Ocean

There was a path that led down to the ocean, and for as long as I could remember, it had called to me. I didn’t know why – the pink flowers that traced along the cliff side were nothing special. They weren’t my favorite – they weren’t fragrant or exceptional, but they held a spot in my heart that left room for only warmth and sweet nostalgia.

I’d found the path by accident, when I was thirteen years old. I’d wandered away from the house and trailed along the ocean waves, wanting to find something new to explore, hoping for a cave, or maybe a tidepool… but I’d somehow found the pathway that led to the sea. It wasn’t altogether safe – the way was steep, and if you weren’t careful, you’d lose your footing and go tumbling down rocks to the water below.

It wasn’t altogether easy to traverse, but the view standing from above was breathtaking, and if you managed to make your way carefully down through the jagged rocks, you had your own, personal piece of heaven waiting below. The way wasn’t easy, so people didn’t travel there very often – the way wasn’t easy, so when you made your way down past the rocks and hills, you had your own little private cove. The path wasn’t something that anyone would pick out as their top ten spots to visit – it wasn’t even that much beach, once you traveled down… but the place was special to me. I’d spent more summers than I could remember, climbing carefully down those rocks and sitting on the small expanse of sand, hidden by the jutting shelves. I’d grown up there – I’d gone there when my heart was broken from my first love, and after I’d graduated High school and found myself unsure of what I was going to do with my life.

And for a while, I hadn’t gone there at all – I’d moved away, so sure that my life was somewhere other than by the sea, in the town that I’d grown up in… and when things got hard, when bills were too much, or I wished that I’d never left home… I thought of that little place by the sea, the path that was calling to me.

It was my serenity, and sometimes when I couldn’t take it anymore… I’d make the trip back home – I’d drive hours to a town that I didn’t care about. Not to see family, or friends… but to find that little path that wound down towards the sea – to climb down the rocks and find the small expanse of sand hidden by the outpour of rocks. I’d travel to find that peace of mind, and I’d let the sound of the waves crash and roll over me until everything felt like it made sense again, until I knew that I could keep going, that I could continue on.

There was a path that led down to the ocean, and for as long as I could remember, it had called to me.


So, that’s my prompt! I liked the thought of having a place to go, a retreat for the soul. Maybe not that easy to reach, but worth it once you got there. For me, that’s my writing a lot of the time.

I’d love to see what you do for your responses! I have a few that will be posted in the list below, and if you want to be added, just do the prompt and link me! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Prompt Responses:


Author Fallon Willoughby


If you would like to see your name on the list above, just do the writing prompt! I’d love to see your creativity flow! I post writing prompts every Sunday, and do replies/showcases of those who also do them every Saturday! I hope to see you next week!

Until then, Author Amanda McCormick

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