So, I didn’t do an affirmation for yesterday… and I think that’s actually what this particular affirmation is going to focus on. While I am always gonna get my words for the day, I might derail on my schedule sometimes. I might not get things done exactly as I wish. And thus comes in the affirmation #9:

Even if I fall off of my schedule, I am still a good writer. I should never punish myself for taking personal days. My health is just as important as my writing.

That’s right. I know that I preach the song of always getting your writing done… and I do still completely believe that. But if you have some set schedule, but you really need to take a moment and just rest.. you should rest. I can still get my 1000 words without getting the things that I have planned out for those 1,000 words. I just wrote as casually as I needed to yesterday, and I still got what I needed to get done… well, done. So, that’s the affirmation – your writing is important, guys, but so are you. After all, none of your amazing words would happen if you didn’t keep your health up!

Until next time, keep reading and writing ❤ And take care of yourself!

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