Writing Prompt

So, congrats to everyone who did the writing prompt last week, as weird as it may have been. I know there were some odd songs selected, but I love that it forced everyone to look outside of what they were usually writing in order to get something fresh and new. For prompts this week, I thought that we could take yet another different turn. I wanted to get a picture from my friend Garett, who is one of the most phenomenal photographers that I know! A picture can say a thousand words… and I want to hear what words the photo says to you. 

So, for this weeks prompt, take a look at HIS GALLERY and select whatever photograph you find the most inspirational. Make sure that you link back to him if you copy/paste it into your blog. I’ll probably be drawing from his works a lot, so if you see multiple pictures that you want to write with, don’t worry… we will revisit. This gives you a wide range of options, but still pushes you outside of the limits of what you were previously working on.


For me, I’m going to select this particular photograph. If you’d like to use the same picture as me (and I’d love it if you did), just make sure to link source back to this blog and to Garett’s page! Remember, if you link me in your response, you’ll be featured on my response blog that is posted every Saturday! Until then, happy writing, you guys!

Also, remember to tune in every Sunday for your weekly dose of Writing Prompt Goodness!


Keep reading and writing,

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