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M is for Money, and what a devilish thing that truly is. I can actually come into this subject, having both been there and done that, but not in the capacity that I want to, strive to. So, let me talk to you about money and writing from the perspective of someone who wrote for commission.

Writing commissions is something that a lot of people are interested in. Just making money writing for a living is something that people are interested in. When I was but a young girl (ahem, this was just 5 years ago, so I wasn’t actually that much younger, but still), I decided to try my hand at writing commissions for a specified group of people. At first, it was amazing – I got so many commission requests. They literally flew in, because I was priced lower than the competition, and I was cranking out better quality. The fact is, I can write 10k in one sitting, if I want to. It’s not that difficult for me, though it can be exhausting.

I didn’t take into account the fact of how exhausting it would be. I was making enough money to get the things that I wanted, to do the things that I wanted (I wasn’t making that much, but still)… and for a while, it was wonderful.

For a while, I felt like I was finally getting to do what I wanted to do.

A few years passed, and I started to realize that my dream wasn’t exactly as fantastic as I thought it was. I wrote predominately smut, and I had an enormous fanbase. They wanted to talk to me, to be my friend (and I did make friends with quite a few of them), and they wanted the same type of story.

Over. And over. And over.

Writing is a joy, a pleasure… but there was something so monotonous and unfulfilled about writing the same content, over and over again.

I became so popular, that I didn’t have time to work on my personal writing. What was worse, if I had time, I felt guilty about writing on my own work, instead of the work that I owed. My creativity suffered, my muse suffered… and I suffered because of it.

I wrote commissions for nearly 4 years, and there were parts of it that I loved. I loved getting to do what I was good at, what I enjoyed, what I loved as my job. I loved the freedom of it…

But, I didn’t love the way that it made me feel, and the way that it took away my time to write things that were important to me, that mattered to me.

So, I decided to leave the commission business for the most part. I will still take commissions, and I still love writing stories for other people, but I’ll never let myself get in over my head like that again. I was at a point where I owed over 100k words, and there was no time for me.

You can’t let yourself get so boggled down you forget about your roots, your core, who you are as a writer. Making money is important – I do some commissions now, and I have a Patreon, and I do articles for pay. I still make my money, but I also make sure that I have time for my personal writing.

I would love to someday be an author, professionally. It will still be stressful, still be exhausting… but it will be stress and exhaustion for my own work, and I think that’s important.

This blog is a little ramblely, I realize. M is for Money, and I’m going to tell you this here and now – getting money for your writing isn’t worth compromising your own muse and creativity. It might feel good initially, but you’ll burn yourself out.

I couldn’t write for nearly 6 months after I stopped doing commissions, and it put me into a state of depression and anxiety that I didn’t realize the depths of until I started writing again. ❤ Take care of yourself. Don’t overwhelm yourself. You’re worth more than that!

Until Next time with the letter N!

Author Amanda McCormick


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