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Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 13


So, I finally finished the story that interrupted my actual purpose for NaNo this year.

A River Runs Through It stands at 41,346 words. That is quite a bit longer than I intended it to be… but River had an in depths story to tell, most of it pertaining to before the war, and therefore completely original writing. I’ve finally started on A God Amongst Men, which is my Maxson story… you know, the one that I was telling you about doing all along. Heh. (Clickables above, and are appreciated! Both are Fallout 4 related.)

But the point of this blog, other than to update you on my NaNo Word Count (  27,270 words ) is to speak about changing your plans. Sometimes, you have to. I certainly had no intention of it, when this month started on, and River was still telling her story. I didn’t realize that a character that I made solely to be a love interest for Arthur Maxson and Paladin Danse would end up having a life of her own that she wanted to fully and completely detail. She’s grown in my mind as a real, tangible, and very in depth character, with a delightful amount of development that has made writing for her a real treat. Sometimes, creativity strikes you in ways that you don’t expect.

Don’t ever miss out on those opportunities.

Sometimes, you have to change your plans… and as a writer, we have to do it more often than other people. Thankfully, we are afforded that luxury. We can change our stories mid-sentence, if we need. If the thought strikes out, we have the capability to completely shift the world, to figure out how to make it work. I don’t really think that we should wait for our muse to be ready to write, but you should certainly follow it down the path of thought. Maybe you’ll just figure out a cool side story that is a few thousand words (River was initially only supposed to be a chapter or two.) Or, maybe, you’ll end up with a 40,000 word monster that was both a pleasure to write and a really good chance for me to expand my skills as an author. I touched on subjects that I hadn’t touched on before – I went places that I’ve never been.

And I come away from the experience far more enriched than I was before I stepped into it.

Sometimes, we have to follow our muse. Sometimes, we have to explore that fork in the road. The beautiful thing is, we are writers. We sculpt our own world. That means that we can always loop around and explore the other path when we see where the first leads… but follow the thought, follow the inspiration. Chase it and hold it close to your chest. It’s a beautiful thing, and only you can catch it.


Until next time,

Author Amanda McCormick

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