This blog is coming to you with an echo of the lack of yesterday’s blog. But… that’s going to be the whole point of this particular post. My day yesterday was extremely stressful. I’m not really going to go into the details of it, cause it’s over and done with. Suffice to say, I really didn’t feel like doing much.

I still wrote my 1,000 words, as I should have. I haven’t broken my streak of 1k a day since the beginning of the new year, and I had no intentions of stopping… but I knew, basically, that I had to pick between that 1k and managing to write a blog. Sometimes, even if it’s kind of stressful, you have to make decisions for yourself. I did what I needed to do to make sure that I could still get my writing done.

So, I suppose that the lesson of this blog is that sometimes, it’s okay to sacrifice other things that you had planned (Writing and creativity wise) and give yourself a break if you need to. I only wrote 1,000 words. The rest of my day was spent resting and recuperating. If you need to take the time to do that, do it. Ignore your blog, if you need to. Ignore your plotting and outlining, and whatever else you need. Write your words – don’t forget to do that. But… rest. Relax. Do not overdo yourself, or the next day is going to be twice as hard, until it escalates you to a place where you don’t want to be.

❤ Relax. You deserve it. You’re making worlds, after all.


Until next time!

Author Amanda McCormick

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  1. Jessica M says:

    So true. Some days I don’t have the time or energy to write, but a big kudos to you for getting 1k down regardless of what’s going on! Writing is enjoyable for me, so forcing myself to write when it’s the last thing on my mind feels like unnecessary stress, when I know full well the stress will eventually pass. Did that make any sense?

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re able to put the stress behind you, hope all’s well and everything works out for the better!

    • The thing is, for the first week or so, it was hard to write 1k a day. But, as I went on and continued to do so… that 1k a day started to become a really big stress relief for me. Even if I was a bit stressed when writing it, completing it was such a wonderful and accomplishing feeling.

      I do completely understand where you’re coming from though ❤

      • Jessica M says:

        I’m glad that the writing’s been therapeutic for you, you’ve accomplished so much already! Here’s to keeping up that momentum!

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