Day two of Camp NaNoWriMo is upon us. I have to say that I’m fairly pleased with my progress so far. My goal, as you know, is set for 30,000 words. I am currently at 6,561 words. I’m probably going to end up getting around 1,500 more words before the day is finished, so that I can get the next chapter of A River Runs Through It up tonight before I go to bed.  We’ll see how that goes – the chapter that I’m working on deals with some really painful situations, so I’m writing a bit slower than usual. I’ve realized with painful situations, I sometimes take longer to write.

So, for my tip today, I suppose it pertains to what I just said. Do not be ashamed to take your time on scenes that need it. I know that it’s NaNo, and that we’re supposed to be writing freely without thinking. While that still applies, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take your time where it’s necessary. If you have a scene that needs your full attention, you put your full attention to that scene. You can still go through it without editing, but make sure that you put in the effort so that it’s not completely useless. I know it’s kind of counterproductive to the NaNo motto… but I don’t really think it is? There’s no reason to throw out a scene that is useless, when it’s vital to your plot. If you only get your minimum wordcount for the day instead of going over, but you get good words, then I think it’s worth it.

It’s why I took my time with this scene. I had full intentions of glossing over it for the most part, but I realized that it was important to my story. In doing so, I took the time to slow down and work on it properly. I’m posting up my story without editing, so you can see it in its full NaNo glory… and I think that if I’d rushed through this, I’d have lost every ounce of respect that anyone ever had for me. xD

So, don’t be ashamed to give your story love, and write with pride. Just don’t go back during NaNo to right and properly edit. I know it’s hard not to, but you can do it. I promise. Check up on your baby come May, but for now… write. Write it with love, write it freely, write it with drive and passion. Just write ❤ Your words are amazing, and the fact that you can get them out there makes you an extremely special person. Even if you have your goal set for 500 words a day, that is still 500 words that you took the time to write, and 500 words that you didn’t have before.

You can do this. I have faith in you <3! Keep on keeping on, Wrimos! Let me know how you’re doing, your word counts, etc! ❤ I’d love to give you some shoutouts!


Until next time!

Author Amanda McCormick

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  1. Iridescence says:

    My goal is the same. I’m writing just above 1000 words per day. I’m hoping to write more but.. Real life problems

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