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Making The Most Of Holiday Writing Time

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Hey all! I thought I’d drop in really quick to give a bit of a life and writing tip! Most people love the holidays, and covet their precious time off. However, you come across the small issue of having to worry about how to fit writing time in around family time. I thought I’d pop in really quick and offer a bit of advice, at least as far as what I do to make sure that I still get my words in while also enjoying my (in this case Easter) holiday with family.

First, and what helps me the most is the small laptop that I purchased. I bought a small Asus 11.6 inch laptop, much like THIS ONE. It has a ridiculously good battery life (8+ hours), and it’s small enough to fit into my purse. I can literally bring it with me everywhere that I go – during down time with the family, when we’re all just watching programs on the television, I can pull it down and get in a few hundred words. Anything that you have would work really – a tablet, ipad.

If you don’t have the funds or capability for a laptop, a smartphone can also work. Though you’re going to be writing a bit slower, you can still get in words, or at least your thoughts. Get a program like One Note, and you’re going to be able to store your writing so that you can fetch it to your computer when you’re safe and at home. If you can’t use One Note, monopolize on the accessibility that Google Docs offers. You’re writing in web storage, and you’re going to be able to fetch that no matter where you are. But, pull out your smartphone, take some notes, write some sentences. Get your writing in.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going the traditional route. This is actually my second preferred method, over smart phones. I carry a notebook with me everywhere that I go. Though my wrists don’t allow me to write by hand for extended amounts of time, I’m still able to get out bursts of paragraphs and sentences. As a writer, you will do your best to always have a small notebook and a pen at your disposal – who knows when you’ll find something inspiring, right?

If you simplyΒ can’tΒ write during family time (I still suggest taking notes if you have good ideas, just be secretive about it, heh), get yourself up an hour earlier than you need to, and get your writing in while you enjoy your cup of coffee for the day. Though it may seem like a bit of work, you’ll go through the day feeling like you already accomplished your goals, and you won’t have to worry about getting home from family time with enough hours left in the day to still get your writing done. It’s better that you do it before you eat and socialize and spend all of your energy, I promise.


So, those are my few tips for making the most of the Holiday, though I’m sure there are plenty more! What do you think, guys? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Until then!

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