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Writer’s Blah – The Cousin You Never Hear About

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So, what is it, when you aren’t quite blocked… but you’re just kinda blah about writing? I don’t want to define it as writer’s block, because I’ve had that a few times… and it’s vastly different. I can write right now. I did a good 619 words in just a few minutes. But… I feel so blah about it. Whether it’s a lack of caffeine, a lack of sleep, or some other factor… I’m just feeling blah on my creative level today.

So, how do you deal with a horrible case of Writer’s Blah? First, you can always try to figure out what’s causing it – I often times find that if I keep feeling this way for an extended amount of time, taking a break, getting something to eat, getting some sugar into my body… it will actually help. Your creative process can be extremely hampered by your bodily needs, without you even realizing it. I’ve had days much like this where I couldn’t write anything until I stopped and made myself some lunch. Suddenly, I was energized and capable of spitting out my entire 1k, and then some. As writers, we often allow ourselves to get so wrapped up and distracted in our creative process and the need for words (or art, or sewing, or crafting, or whatever we do as creative individuals) that we forget that our bodies are machines, and we need maintenance. So always make sure that your tummy is happy, or you have enough sleep, or whatever it is that you’re craving.

For those of us who have insomnia (I am Queen of Insomnia, and sleep is not my friend), if you have a moment where it feels like you can take a nap, do it. I sometimes feel guilty when I decide to sleep before I’ve written anything. Don’t. Just don’t. Take care of your body. If it’s actually going to let you catch some valuable shut eye, do it.

Now, I’m not saying that you should give in to all of your little whimsical urges – such as, my brain is certainly telling me that I need to play Fallout. xD Nice try, brain. Write first, game later. But for actual physical, or emotional (shout out to all of my fellow creative people who have anxiety/depression/etc issues), you have to take care of yourself. Sometimes, when my anxiety/depression is getting the best of me and making it hard for me to write… I step back, I go, I take a shower. I dry my hair, I make myself feel comfortable and nice and clean… and sometimes, that’s enough. Sometimes, if I’m feeling anxious and depressed, I ditch my plans and just write about how I’m feeling. 

What I’m trying to get across here is, if you’re suffering from a case of Writer’s Blah, there’s usually an underlying reason. Stop, step back, check yourself and your needs (not your wants) and give your body those things. I bet it will help!


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2 thoughts on “Writer’s Blah – The Cousin You Never Hear About

  1. Very well said! I get this more than I would like to admit. Between school and work there just isn’t enough time in the day for me to do everything that I’d like to do. (i.e. clean my room, cook dinner, homework, writing, etc) And let’s not even get started with the anxiety thing. XD I’m glad you were able to give a name for this feeling, I’ve always just said that I’m too (insert mood/feeling here) to write.

    1. The Writer’s Blah is real. I understand though – when I get busy with housework or other social interactions that force me to use up all of my energy for the month in one day, it makes it harder to write.

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