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Life and Writing

Life and Writing

So, today’s blog will discuss something that’s I’m sure we actually all struggle with -finding time to write during your busy schedule. For me, it’s not even that I’m busy. The fact is, Fallout 4 came out with its first expansion, Automatron, so I’m honestly finding myself hard pressed to log off of steam to get my writing done. The proof is in the writing statistics. I’ve had two days where I only just got my 1k in words.

But the fact is, I managed to get that 1k. No matter what happens, if you’ve set yourself a writing goal (or any goal, honestly), the most important thing you can do is not let yourself get distracted. I’m actually using my DLC as a reward – if I get my 1k done, I get to play without guilt. If I get my writing done, I feel like I earned my gaming. The same can be said of anything that you want to do – set yourself up a reward system, if writing seems a chore. If you get ____ amount of words, you get an hour of gameplay.

If you can’t manage your full quota in one session, break it up. If you write 500 of your 1,000 word goal, you can play for an hour. But then, you must break to write the other 500 before you can finish playing guilt free. The same can be said of things other than writing. If you have to clean, clean a specific room, play for an hour as a reward, rinse and repeat. With anything, even if it sometimes seems like a chore, putting in a reward system is the best thing you can do. Though writing isn’t a chore for me, I’m having to reach into my inner discipline right now to keep myself at it.

It’s easy to make excuses in my mind – my monthly wordcount goal was 31,000 words, and I’ve already doubled that. I can skip a day – it doesn’t matter. But… the thing is, if you make yourself a goal, and you look back on the days that you failed your goal… you’re not going to feel good about it. Though it might seem worth it at the time to skip out, or make excuses, I promise you’ll feel more proud and accomplished for showing that you had the discipline to stick to the goals that you set out for yourself than to make excuses and fail. ❤

No matter what, even if you do miss a day, just remember that tomorrow is a new page, a blank slate. Don’t give up. Keep striving forward. We all have it in us to accomplish our dreams ❤ It’s just a matter of putting one foot forward!


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