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Finding a Way to Organize

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I’ve spoken before on finding a way to keep track of your writing. I’m constantly experimenting – I’ve found two ways that work for me so far, and you’ve been seeing how I implement those.


So far, I use a spreadsheet, and a desk calendar. That, in tandem with a daily WriteDeck has been my go-to method for the past few months. Today, I discovered something else, that’s put a new spin on writing… and I’m finding that I really enjoy it!

The site is called MyWriteClub, and it seems to be in beta right now. However, you can add friends, get into sprints with aforementioned friends, set daily/monthly/etc goals for yourself. It’s just another place for you to have accountability, and I always promote accountability. The perk of this place is, if you do end up joining… we can be friends! We could even potentially sprint together. I find that I really, really love encouraging my friends to write – so if you do join and you want me to be the little fairy on your shoulder, reminding you to write, just let me know.

Anyway, this site is just another tool that I find so important in the writing process. You have to find what works for you, and once you do… you keep that method held tight to your chest. Whether it’s a chat room, a chart, a calendar… or you randomly feeding yourself candy bars (guilty), you do whatever it takes to get your writing done! No one can write your story but you, after all!!!


Until next time, enjoy my short tip! If you want to add me on MyWriteClub, my name is EgoDominusTuus – or leave your name below! I’ll prod you! HERE  is a link to my personal sprint, which is always open. There’s a chat function there, and I’d love to see you there. (No, this isn’t like… click bait, advertising, whatever. I just love making writing friends xD <3)


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8 thoughts on “Finding a Way to Organize

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Amanda! Although I haven’t been writing since NaNoWriMo (all thanks to my upcoming finals and school) I still decided to join MyWriteClub now, even though I won’t be active until the end of May (I finally graduate, wooo!) I’m Zineb on there and I just followed you. G’luck with your goals. :]

    1. Hey! Maybe you can set yourself a really small goal of like 250 words a day or something, just to get yourself into the habit of writing. I understand the stress of school can make it pretty crazy, but I’m glad that you joined!!!

  2. I’m glad you’ve found some things that seem like they really work for you. I’m definitely checking MyWriteClub out right now. It sounds like a great idea!

      1. I actually joined yesterday. My username is FairyPerson. (Real mature, I know). Following each other sounds great! It seems like building up a community might add some motivation. That was definitely true with NaNoWriMo.

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