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(Camp NaNo Writing Tip) A Clean Room Makes A Clean Mind


At least for this writer. Sometimes, when I find it difficult to write… cleaning my room, reorganizing my space, etc… will really help me to get myself into a writing mindset. This is part of my NaNo prep – it doesn’t have anything to do with writing, but it has to do with getting myself ready to write.

I like to get my space completely cleaned up. I write primarily in two locations – my bedroom, and my gaming computer downstairs. If I can, I prefer to write in my room, because writing in the same space helps me to keep in that mindframe. But I sometimes write downstairs, so that I can spend time with my husband during my long hours of writing – or, if I have friends over, I’ll write down there so I don’t have to cram them into my bedroom.

So, before NaNo starts, l like to get my areas clean. A clean room makes for a clean mind – I’m mentally preparing myself to put everything aside and focus down hard on that novel for the month that I’m working on it. I tidy up my writing place, clear out my calendar, get my notebooks ready. If you’re having trouble wrapping your mind around writing, try cleaning. I know it sounds strange… but it might just help!


Until next time, Author Amanda McCormick signing out!

One thought on “(Camp NaNo Writing Tip) A Clean Room Makes A Clean Mind

  1. A clean room is a happy room. I tend to tidy up whenever I get stuck, too. It gives you something to do while you think. Or it gives your mind a break completely.

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