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Camp NaNo Approaches

And I’m planning on writing a Fanfic for the majority of it. That’s right – a fanfic. I don’t usually do fics for NaNo, but since this is Camp, I figured it could be fun. I only have a loose goal set of 30,000 words, instead of the usual 50,000. That’s part of what’s so fun about Camp though, you can set your count to whatever you think you can accomplish. While I don’t think I’d have trouble doing the full 50,000, I wanted to make it so that I could have off days of only 1k if I needed.

What are you doing to prepare for camp? I, personally, haven’t done much yet. I may actually walk you guys through my prep process as I go, if that’s something that you’re interested in? For now, Step One in preparation was simply deciding on what I wanted to do.

I picked a fanfic. And then I picked a character to focus on for the Fanfic – Arthur Maxon from Fallout 4 was my decision!

2016-01-31_000022016-03-02_00022 - Copy2016-03-06_00025

Ahem. Introducing the three main characters in my upcoming NaNo fic. In order, Paladin Danse, Arthur Maxon, and my own creation River Wren Malcolm. River is a smarmy, fun, sarcastic ex-sniper in the military, and there’s gonna be some gorgeous polyamorous relationship happening. I can’t help myself.

So, I’ll post how I plan and work for NaNo as I do it myself – that way, I can take you guys through a step by step process. If you’re interested, I can actually post the fic here. Just be aware, it is gonna be NaNo quality!

Let me know what you think!
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