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Why Fanfiction can be Awesome

A lot of people that I know in the writing world used to write fanfiction. They say it in the past tense, like it’s a bad thing. They speak as though they’re too mature for it now. I can admit hadn’t written fanfiction in so many years… until I played Fallout 4. I saw a storyline that was absolutely astounding, and… then… it… suddenly… stopped…

There was so much potential there, for that story. I was sparked with inspiration, and I realized that I really wanted to write a tiny snippet of a story, just to satisfy my need to see the rest of that potential played out.

(Yeah, it’s about Paladin Danse.)


Of course, I don’t have the ability to write a tiny snippet of anything. The fanfiction in question is currently 35,000 words, and scaling easily up to the size of a novel. Not only have I written this, but in writing about my character in the game… I realized that I really wanted to develop him further. Though you’re given basic parameters for who you are, I had an entire backstory in my mind. He was a character unto himself… and it’s inspired over 50,000 words of separate fanfiction/stories/planning… and I’m not even sorry about it. Fanfiction is okay.

It’s good for so many reasons. The positive response, and the people who you can connect with through a shared fandom is a wonderful feeling. I’ve been working on my novel separately, of course, but I’ve also been working on fanfiction. I’ve been told by multiple people that they enjoy it, and why… and it’s a nice feeling. Sometimes, as a writer, you just need that boost.

So, never feel bad about following your mind, even if it’s in fanfiction. I’ve been more inspired writing these stories than I have in a long, long while. It’s part of what’s been making my 1k a day so easy to do. I’ve been able to write fanfiction, get my gears going, and then work on my novel on the wave of that inspiration. Follow your muse, always!

Until next time, I just wanted to give you guys this small update and inspiration for the day! Enjoy yourselves! Keep reading and writing!


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6 thoughts on “Why Fanfiction can be Awesome

  1. I say I used to write fanfiction, not because I’m ashamed of it, but because I just don’t anymore. In fact, the fanfiction I wrote is what I’ve developed into a novel, so I really couldn’t go back to it if I wanted to. Recently, I’ve had some ideas for fanfiction I could write (in a completely different fandom, and not even from the same medium). The main reason I don’t is because I just don’t have time.

    I agree that any way we can get creativity is a good thing, and it sounds like this writing has been good for you. More power to you!

  2. Thank you. I refuse to give up on fanfiction. Writing is writing. Besides, fanfiction can keep you in practice, can let you try out styles or ideas and get concrit from multiple people, and is just plain fun.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I think it’s something that gets ignored or swept under the rug, but a lot of published authors got their start writing fanfiction – even if they never shared it with anyone. Writing a story that takes place in someone else’s world without their express permission is fanfiction, and that’s okay. It’s how a lot of us learn to write, copying other people’s work or voice until we find our own. And, more than that, it’s often an expression of love – for the original creator’s world and characters. That’s why it’s FANfiction, not I-could-do-it-better-fiction.
    Good luck with your original fiction and your fanfiction.

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