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An advance warning, now that I’ve written this post. I’m a bit ranty, a bit musing – sometimes, we need to get our thoughts out into words… and this is one of those times for me. So, if you’ve ever felt that pull for solitude when you’re deep in the grasps of your writing, please… read. Even if you haven’t, I invite you to take a tiny step inside and check out the insanity that sometimes goes on within the realms of my mind. You’ve been warned. ^_^

Ahem, now then.

I’ve come to find that often times, the more creative we become, the more we quest for the solitary environment that breeds creativity itself.

I don’t have problems speaking to people online while I write. In fact, it usually helps. I try to surround myself with internet friends who know what it’s like to be so immersed in the demands of your muse that you can hardly come up for air. They understand – they’ve drown in the same ocean. There is no question of “Why are you doing this?” Or “What are you getting out of this?”, no attempts to pull you away from your creative thought process.

When you live with people who don’t understand that space that you move to, inside of your own head, when you’re deep in your creativity… well, it’s a bit harder to explain it to them. They don’t just give you the required space to think, to create. They want your attention, your time. Your affection, love, energy. They want everything that you’re putting in to the words that you are laying on the page.

It’s hard sometimes to explain to those people that you’re in the middle of a scene, that your words are demanding, that your muse is shouting in your ear and you truly feel like you’ll drown under the demands if you don’t listen and dictate. It’s hard to make them understand that you’re just as lost to the creative process as a passenger board a vessel, on a stormy sea. If you tried to explain, would they even understand? You don’t know, so you retreat into the only safety that there is.

The silence. The solitude. The further down the writing rabbit hole you go, the more you crave that silence. At least, that’s how it is with me.

I know that sometimes you have to pull yourself from that creative space, whether you want to or not. Life is full of people who care, people who deserve your attention just as much as your manuscript. I keep that in mind, and I pull myself away from my words sometimes – but in the back of my mind, my muse stomps its foot and demands that I come back. When you’re in a really heady, intoxicating, perfect state of mind to write… it’s always in your thoughts. When you’re out doing something else, you’re thinking about writing – you’re thinking about the hum of silence, your music, your words, your story. You can’t escape it – we’re writers! Of course we can’t escape it! I guess I’m just writing this to get out my own thoughts, and to give a bit of advice.

Don’t feel guilty that you crave the silence, just realize that you do have to step away from it for the people and things that matter. Writing can be such a lonely profession – don’t forget to step outside and seize your life from time to time! I have a lovely life, wonderful friends, and people who care deeply for me. I never take that for granted, but at the same time… I have to take days, sometimes days upon days, and just let my muse run rampant. I have to let it wash over me, through me, and take me away into that solitude that it demands. And if you’re really lucky enough, even if the people who are in your life don’t understand, and ask why… they’re still going to be there, waiting for you when you come back out the other side, ready to fight with your muse so that you can take the time that they deserve, to give them the attention that they’ve patiently been waiting for. It’s so important to learn that being really, really lost to your words can be a balancing act, just as much as everything else. Enjoy yourself and make sure that you take the time to walk in both worlds.

Ahem, incessantly long rant over. I do apologize if it makes no sense to you, and I sympathize and crave the friendship of those of you who it resonates true with! Until next time, keep reading and writing!!!


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Writing Prompts

I’m going to keep on with this list until it runs out, because I think it’s fun!

41. Citric Acid
42. Still
43. Die
44. Two Roads
45. Two Guns
46. Drop
47. Dirt
48. Young
49. Preservatives
50. Breaking the Rules

Try to come up with a short story/poem/etc that has to do with these words! Feel free to link yourself in my comments, and I’ll try to get links for what you’ve done added to this blog post! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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I haven’t been posting my prompts, but have this random writing. Which could be a short story, but might be a novel. Angry cupids are fun.

  My fingers played at the arrow held in my grasp, and I found myself sorely tempted to throw it to the ground and walk away. The two men who stood in front of me were talking, and I could see the soft shine of want in the red heads eyes. Lust – it was a sparkling pink emotion that dazzled a human’s aura and begged for my attentions.

  I could understand lust – I could feel lust. It was palpable and sweet, all burn and aches that begged for release. It was what came after that I couldn’t comprehend. Bitterly, I pulled the bow from my back and shot the arrow that I held between numb fingers. I didn’t have to look to hear it hit home, and my wings twitched as I turned away, my vision flashing from pink to crimson as the boy’s aura changed.

  Love. I didn’t understand love. My insides were frozen to the emotion – I was a cupid, and cupids didn’t get to feel that which they gave.

  I would never know what love could taste like.

  There was no sound of footsteps as I retreated from the flourishing couple. They would go home together tonight, but their desperate clinging would change from fucking to lovemaking – their world would spiral and tilt on its axis, and they would stay together, unless someone ripped away their arrows.

  That only happened sometimes, because I couldn’t always be around to protect them.

  Sometimes I got tired of watching their red auras entwining while they held each other close.

  I really hated love.


So, I am really pleased with my writing progress. I only have two days left in the month, and I will have completed an entire month of writing at least 1k a day. Clearly, there have been plenty of days that I’ve done more… but the fact that I’m consistently writing, and consistently hitting my goals has been pretty fantastic.

For my bit of advice, I’m going to rehash something that I’ve said before. Having a group, a few people who will hold you accountable and cheer you on is so important. That encouragement, someone telling you good job when you get your words…? It really helps. Even if you’re just writing silly things, knowing that someone acknowledges the fact that you’ve been consistent and meeting goals will help a lot.

I try to return the favor with the people that I talk to. It’s a nice feeling to encourage others just as much as they encourage you.

Anyway, I re-worked my writing space in my bedroom, and that’s been pretty lovely. I’ll have photos of that up for next update, perhaps. I’m also working on getting more consistent with the daily writing prompts, and I’ve been pretty good with that. It’s been a bit hectic, but I’m working on it!

Sorry that this blog is kind of rushed – I actually want to get some more words done for the day, so I wanted to crank this out. Just keep writing, guys! You’re doing something amazing. Every day that you meet your goal, whether it’s 250 or 1000, or 5000 a day, you’re accomplishing something huge.


Until next time!

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Writing Prompts

I feel bad, because I know that I’m not getting these every day. But I’m getting into the habit. I think that next month, I will have a fairly decent system to help remind myself. Until then! Here is your prompt for the day! Make a poem/story out of these words!

31. Flower
32. Night
33. Wrath
34. Moon
35. Walk
36. Precious
37. See
38. Abandoned
39. Dream
40. 4:29 PM

I can’t wait to see what you do! Until next time!

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Writing Prompts

So, I’m enjoying these lists of words. Try to make a short story or poem with these ten words! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I think I will start sharing some of my prompts at the end of the week!!!

21. War
22. Mother
23. Distastefull
24. Want
25. Lurking
26. Europe
27. Foreign
28. Sorrow
29. Urban
30. Rain

Until then!

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So, I’ve been keeping up extremely well with my writing for this week! And I finally took a little picture of my calendar as well!


So. Here are the two methods that I use to keep myself on track and motivated! My desk calendar is – of course – on my desk! For the calendar, I can specifically write down which stories I work on, and where my words came from. It’s a bit of a mess, and I’m looking to keep it more organized for next month, but I’m still really happy with it.

As far as my words go, I’m already up past 58k, and quickly zooming towards 60,000. I’m just really pleased with how well my writing has been going. Even with some of the emotional issues that I’ve been having, it’s still really successful. Sometimes I end up getting my words at 2am when I can’t sleep…

But words are words are words!

I’ve also started posting my daily writing prompts, like I want to. The responses to those will go up either here, or on my patreon! So please, feel free to click a link to that at the bottom of this post! Also, I want to start featuring other forms of art on here, probably on Sunday or Monday? Poets, artists, photographers, sewing, etc. Anything that is an outlet for creativity. We are all one big community of people trying to get noticed – it starts by us helping one another! So if you have someone to recommend, or want to be featured yourself, let me know!!!!


Until next time, guys! Keep up the creativity!
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Writing Prompts

So, I’m going to keep on with my list from yesterday for the daily writing prompts! Write some type of prose, short story, poem, whatever comes to mind using the following 10 words! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

11. Memory
12. Insanity
13. Misfortune
14. Smile
15. Silence
16. Spit
17. Blood
18. Under
19. Gray
20. Fortitude

Later on today, I’ll also be posting and update blog on my writing and whatnot! I can’t wait to see you guys then!

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Writing Prompts

For todays prompt, I’m pulling from the 100 Theme Challenge (if you know the source, please let me know <3). Write a prose using these 10 words! My very awesome friend Tash linked me this! (Go forth and click her page!)

1. Introduction
2. Love
3. Light
4. Dark
5. Rot
6. Break
7. Heaven
8. Away
9. Cut
10. Breathe

I can’t wait to see what you come up with, based on this! Until then, keep reading and writing! Tomorrow is my big blog/writing update!

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Writing Prompts

So, onward with the daily writing prompts! I like trying to keep them novel center if you have one! If you don’t, try to use this to  lay the foundation for future characters! It’s so important to develop who you’ll be writing, after all. Or well, in this case, you’re doing a little less developing and a little more…

Well, you’ll see.

For the prompt today… kill a character. Good, bad, hero, villain – in the end, they all die somehow.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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