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I Don’t Wanna Set The World On Fire >_>

But I kind of do. Writing… writing… writing… I haven’t been doing much of it. I know I said I was going to start doing daily prompts, but the fact is, I’ve been otherwise occupied.

First of all, I’ve been playing the Hell out of Fallout 4. Honestly, it’s such a fun, great game… and it makes me want to be creative. I know, that sounds odd… but sometimes, games are the best at doing that. I wanna write fanfics, I wanna write awesome stories, I wanna do it justice, cause that story is amazing. Honestly, could you resist with a face like Paladin Danse?

Paladin Danse

But the other thing that I’ve been occupied with that’s more valid is re-reading last years NaNo novel. I want to finish it and then decide between which novel I want to work on editing the most. So, I’m going through Limbo (because zombies are amazing) and doing some editing as I go (because I can’t help myself), and it’s taking a little longer than I thought because of that little latter fact (the editing.)

So, I’m probably not going to start daily writing prompts just yet. I want to get Limbo finished up first, and keep my writing drive specifically on that and my little side project. (Gau knows about that one).

I’m excited though, and I will start posting in here more regularly. I’ve just been gaming a whole lot – it’s been a great NaNo reward :3

Until next time, guys! I’ll talk to you then! Soon, my regularly scheduled blogs will resume!


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