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I’ve actually been getting a lot done. I’ve been playing a ton of Fallout still – go on. Marvel at my gorgeous Danse now.


So, yeah. That’s a thing. I’ve seriously been just a wee bit obsessive about the whole thing, but this is how I game. I do need to show you the fruits of my effort though, because I’m pretty happy with it. It’s netted me around 14,00o words in the last…. 4 days? My ‘Write 1,000 words a day’ goal was seriously lacking before… and then I decided that while I was reading Limbo again and trying to decide what I wanted to do with it, I’d just deviate and write something that was completely self serving.

That completely self serving thing was, for the first time in a LONG time, a fanfiction.

Yeah, that’s right, I’m writing fanfiction. xD Heh.

Honestly though, I think that’s a lot of what inspires people to want to write – they read or see a story, and they think that they could have done it different, better. I’m not saying that Fallout 4 wasn’t amazing, but there were some… choice paths that I really would have preferred to do in a different fashion. So, I’m writing about that. That’s right – I’m writing a Paladin Danse fanfiction, and I have no shame.

And it’s honestly an amazing exercise. I’m writing a ton, and I’m really enjoying myself. After writing so rigorously for NaNo on something completely original, writing in a world that already has a built base is pretty fun. Of course, in some ways, fanfiction is harder – you have to keep completely in character if you want to be valid… and yet you still have to change the characters and develop them; after all, you’re writing it for a reason, aren’t you?

So, yeah. I’m at nearly 15,000 words on that (I’d only meant for it to be a few thousand, but I can’t even short fanfiction correctly) and I’m not even sad about it.

I hope that you guys have been doing well, and that your writing has been flourishing in the wake of NaNo! Let me know how you’re doing!


Until next time, keep reading and writing!

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But I kind of do. Writing… writing… writing… I haven’t been doing much of it. I know I said I was going to start doing daily prompts, but the fact is, I’ve been otherwise occupied.

First of all, I’ve been playing the Hell out of Fallout 4. Honestly, it’s such a fun, great game… and it makes me want to be creative. I know, that sounds odd… but sometimes, games are the best at doing that. I wanna write fanfics, I wanna write awesome stories, I wanna do it justice, cause that story is amazing. Honestly, could you resist with a face like Paladin Danse?

Paladin Danse

But the other thing that I’ve been occupied with that’s more valid is re-reading last years NaNo novel. I want to finish it and then decide between which novel I want to work on editing the most. So, I’m going through Limbo (because zombies are amazing) and doing some editing as I go (because I can’t help myself), and it’s taking a little longer than I thought because of that little latter fact (the editing.)

So, I’m probably not going to start daily writing prompts just yet. I want to get Limbo finished up first, and keep my writing drive specifically on that and my little side project. (Gau knows about that one).

I’m excited though, and I will start posting in here more regularly. I’ve just been gaming a whole lot – it’s been a great NaNo reward :3

Until next time, guys! I’ll talk to you then! Soon, my regularly scheduled blogs will resume!


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That I said were going to be happening will start on Monday. I’ve actually been just… relaxing for right now. I needed to take the whole first week of December to chill out after NaNo, apparently. Which, there’s nothing wrong with that. Writing an entire novel, 102k words in one month… yeah, that deserves a break. xD I’ve been playing a ton of Fallout 4. Cause… it’s amazing. Yeah.

Anyway, keep watching for book reviews (I’m reading a lot again), daily writing prompts, writing tips, etc. I can’t wait! I just wanted to update you all.


Until next time,

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So, I actually took yesterday off of the internet. My 102,000 word victory for NaNoWriMo this year was very satisfying – I completed a novel and started on a new one or two. It was completely gratifying and exactly what I needed.

I do have to say that this month was also extremely stressful. My mother passed away in the first of the month, and then one of my beloved pets passed away at the end of the month.

All and all, I decided that November was fairly determined to test me. But I came out the other side to December. So there.

As far as this blog goes, and what will be happening, that’s what I really wanted to talk about. Here’s the general layout of what I am going to try to do:

  • Daily Writing Prompts Posted in the Morning.
  • Responses to those writing prompts, of course.
  • At least one prompt a week will feature art from an artist – tell me if you want to be featured.
  • I want to put up at least 3-4 book reviews a month. I’ve fallen short on that, and it’s making me sad.
  • More Writing Tips and Advice – I love doing that, and the responses I get.
  • Weekly updates on my writing progress. I was holding myself accountable every day, and I may still do that. But I want to at least be accountable weekly. We can see how that goes.
  • Monthly screenshots of my spreadsheet. Gau made it for me. He’s amazing.

So, this is where I’m hopefully at. ❤ I’ll start doing these things tomorrow!!! NaNo has been amazing, and I’m glad you guys took that journey with me.

Until next time, keep reading and writing!

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