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The NaNoing is Upon Us – NaNo Day 1

So, it is currently 11:36am, and my word count for day one (so far) is at 4,532. Some might clap, but I’m behind my 10k for day one goal. Still, I think that I’m off to a good start, since I have about 12 more hours to go until it’s day 2. For this month, I’m going to try to post at least 2 blogs a day – one in the morning (ish) time, and one before I sleep. I’ll give my full word count for the day before I go to bed each night.


As it is, I’m doing good as far as my word count so far. Much half price Halloween candy will be had. Many words will be written. I will come out on the other side of this day 10k words the richer. It’s time for me to buckle up and put my NaNo pants on (just kidding, I’m in a comfy dress).

I’ll see you guys tonight! Until then!

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