I’m going to go ahead and post my blog up for the day. I may or may not get more writing done today. I wanted to post this just in case. I’m going to go and relax, and I might end up passing out. If I don’t, I’ll post another blog before midnight.


So, I exceeded my expectations for today! My goal was to write #10kFirstDay.

Instead, I have written (thus far, with it being 8pm) 13,106 words.

That’s right! I’m over my word count by 3,000, and I’m thinking about upping it to a #15kFirstDay. I still have four hours to do it, and I think it’s possible! I’ve been working on both of my novels. Each got the prologue and first chapter complete. However, RipTide is getting more attention than Angel Blade.

Angel Blade looks like this so far!

  • Prologue – 351 Words
  • Chapter One – 3437 Words

While RipTide is more like this:

  • Prologue – 2121
  • Chapter One – 3437
  • Chapter Two – 3377
  • Chapter Three – In Progress
So, oddly enough, I’m feeling my mermaid story more than my Angel one. I really thought it would be the other way around! The first day has been going really well though. I feel like my prep helped a lot. I can’t wait to see how you guys have been doing! Please link me to your blogs, or link them in the comments below! Let me know!
Until then, it’s a little relaxation and then maybe back to writing!
Author Amanda McCormick

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  1. Wow! That’s a whole lot of words! I managed only 1600 and I’m still thrilled at that! 🙂

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