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My Daily Writing – October 23

So, today I set a shorter goal for myself. I knew I’d be busy, so my main desire was to get up a tip blog, and my writing prompt. I’m pleased to say that I filled all of my expectations today. If I end up writing something else before the night is through, I’ll just come back and adjust my total words written today, because I don’t want to post an entirely new blog just for a few hundred more words. Still, I’m proud of myself, and happy to be staying on track!

daily writing

My Total Words Written Today: Around 1,000, give or take some that I deleted.

My personal Word Goal: To Finish My Prompt – got it!

Daily Writing Prompt Completed: Yes!

That’s all for today guys. These posts aren’t going to be long unless I did something super awesome. I certainly hope during November I will be meeting my goal every day! We will see!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!
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