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NaNoWriMo Tip #5 – Get Hyped!


This is something else that I talked about on my NaNoWriMo prep list. This is just something that I do for myself personally… but I certainly think that it helps me out. Get yourself hyped! I do this in a number of ways. I’m sure that everyone has different ways of getting excited for November… I’m just going to tell you guys a few of mine!

  • Watch NaNo videos! – This is something that really helps to get the creative excitement going for me. I am a big fan of Katytastic, personally. Whatever gets you excited though, you should start watching now! Get excited! Get ready!
  • Plan your novel – This is something that I’ve talked about before, but I’m going to talk about it again. Plan your novel. Whether you do it in scrivener, or a notebook, or in your head. Get yourself excited. If you wait until the first day to do it, you’re not going to have that excitement to propel you ahead!
  • Look up character references – This is something that I do personally to both help me plan and to get excited. I like to look up faces for my characters. Since I can’t draw, I look up actors/models. If you can draw, draw your characters. Either way, give them a face! I save 10 or so pictures of each person with different facial expressions. It helps me to get excited because I have a real image of them in my head!
  • Change your desktop background! – Whether you change it to inspirational pictures related to your novel or a NaNoWriMo calendar, change your pictures! Every time you turn on your computer, you’ll get a little more excited about NaNo. By November 1st, you’ll be so ready to write!
  • Talk to friends and family – Both in your real life and on the internet. Tell your friends, tell your significant others, tell your family. Get excited about it! Also, one of the best places that you can go to is the NaNo Forums ! There are so many people there ready to be excited, just like you! Make friends. Join chats, join threads. Just get excited!

I know these are just a few ways to get amped up, but they really help me out. I’m so excited for NaNo that it’s hard for me to wait until November. That will help you out a lot in that first week. Your first week of writing is your chance to get way ahead while the newness of the month is giving you extra energy. Amp up and get ready! NaNo is coming soon!

I’d love to hear how you get ready for NaNo! Let me know!

Until Next time, keep reading and writing!

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