I really am having so much fun with these horror prompts. This is actually a continuation of my prior prompt These Things. I really might end up turning this into a full blown novel. The more I write, the more I feel a connection to this character. How are your prompts coming along? I’d love to see some more! For now, I give you Angel Blades!

Life itself is only a vision… a dream. Nothing exists, save empty space and you. And you… are but a thought.

When you think of angels, you think of some glowing and beautiful thing. You know, all blonde hair and blue eyes with glorious white wings that would put any bird to shame. The thing that stood before me was so far from what I had imagined the heavenly messengers to be that I could still taste my pulse on the back of my tongue.

Its eyes were large, far larger than anything human. They were like flat circles of pale, liquid blue. The color shifted in a prismatic array that was dizzying to look at. Pale skin was translucent, and the veins that ran beneath were the same running array of colors. The ‘wings’ that came from its back were massive things, made of razor sharp blades that had already shredded my curtains like tissue paper when the angel had appeared. Long claws and pointed teeth gave it the look of a predator, as did the pointed ears that spilled from its bald head. I couldn’t believe that this thing was an angel… but who was I to question it? Especially when it was standing so threateningly close with so many ways to injure me if I angered it.

I would have pinched myself to wake up from this nightmare, but I knew better than that. Since I’d learned of my parentage, learned that a demon was chasing me, I could hardly think that anything was a dream anymore. Instead, I scooted further back on my bed, looking at the ‘angel’ with wide eyes.

“What do you want from me?” My own voice quaked as I spoke, and I could feel sweat forming on my brow. Anxiousness was like a cloak wrapped tight around my frame.

“You are part of a war, Karson, whether you will it or not. You know of the thing chasing you.” I wanted to scream when it spoke – it was like a thousand voices at once, pitched from base to soprano. It was haunting and melodic all at once.

“I never asked for any of this.” I was angry that my voice wavered, but I could hardly help it. There was fear in me. There had been a layer of fear over my every day life since my mother had died. I didn’t want to deal with any of this; I didn’t want demon blood or to be part of any war.

“Whether you asked for it or not, you are part of the very fate of the world. You will either save humanity or damn it. The decision is your own. If you choose to side against Heaven, we will be enemies. I will not kill you on this day, but on another, I will rend you to pieces.” Those thousand voices were snarling a threat, and I could feel my skin crawling with fear. I didn’t want to fight this thing… I didn’t even know how you would fight something that was armed with so many weapons.

“I don’t know how I would help.” I finally managed to stutter out an answer as I tried to take in how many blades were on the things back. My mirror behind it showed that its spine stuck out in ridges, as though there were blades beneath even the skin. Was its whole skeleton a weapon just waiting to be used?

“You will be a champion – others will come and you will learn to use a Divinity Blade. With your demonic blood, you will be the strongest champion that we have ever trained. The choice is yours, demon-spawn. Do you want redemption, or will you lead the armies of Hell?”

I didn’t want any of it, but I was terrified that the angel was going to rip me apart if I contested its request. It was that fear that made me answer.

“I’ll fight for the side of good. I’ve never wanted to be bad… I don’t want this blood that runs through me. Please…” Desperation tinged my voice. “Help me.”

There was a moment where I thought that something akin to regret passed through the creatures facial features. It nodded slowly. “As it is commanded, the sacrifice shall be made. Never let the demon have your Divinity Blade, spawn, or all will fall and the very gates of Heaven will be toppled.”

I opened my mouth to ask a question, but a gasp of horror spilled from my throat instead. The angel’s wings came forward in a sudden arc, the metal blades pointing inward. For a moment, I thought it meant to kill me, but those blades passed my face with a wash of metallic scented air. Instead, they slashed inward, slitting the angel wide. A spray of blood so hot that it made me scream washed over my body – the blood was a bright molten gold. The angel had split itself down the middle.

“The great angels of the heavens hold within themselves the Divinity blade. Only one worth can wield it.” Those wings moved again, holding the split flesh open wide so that I could see something glittering crimson and gold inside of the cavity of the angel’s chest. The spine… it really was a weapon. The angel had pain on its face, but its voice was calm as it spoke, even though rivulets of blood were spilling from the corner of its mouth. “Take the blade, demon-spawn, and begin your fight of purification.”

I stared at it in horror. “I… that will kill you, won’t it?”

“I am the sacrifice, take the blade.”

I didn’t want to. Oh, God, I didn’t want to reach into that things body. It seemed to sense my hesitation. Its eyes turned red and its voice shouted so loud that my windows shattered. “Take it, now!”

Terror compelled me to move. My hand darted forward, and I could feel the heat of the angel’s blood as I gripped the crimson and gold. My hand burned and I screamed in pain and fear, but I jerked as hard as I could. The angel’s body jerked with me, falling back. There was a sickening sound of flesh ripping – the body before me crumpled like a puppet whose strings had been cut. Those razor wings slit along my arm, and where my blood met with the angel’s, an acrid smell spilled upward as the liquids bubbled.

“You are the only hope of the heavens.” The flat discs of the angel’s eyes went blank… and then the entire body began to bubble. It dissolved into liquid that stank of death, and where it laid, the floor began to melt. I would have stared in horror, but my gaze was drawn to the blade that I held in my hand.

It was longer than the angel had been tall, and I realized that it had actually expanded as I stared at the angel’s dead body. Dual-bladed, my hand held a handle of gold, while the blades pulsed crimson with veins of the same molten color as the angel’s blood pulsed through it. It was as tall as my six foot frame, and it felt more natural in my palm than anything I had felt before. For a moment the dead, sizzling body before me was forgotten. This blade felt more like home than anything I’d ever experienced… and for the first time, I felt as though there was a purpose to all of this chaos.

I felt as though there was a purpose for me.

How did you like it? I can’t wait to see what you all came up with!

Until next time, Author Amanda McCormick
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