I’m really enjoying doing these prompts. Getting my writing on every day is really helping me to get into a mindset for NaNoWriMo. I hope that everyone else is having a bit of fun with it. Whatever my prompt is tomorrow, I have a goal of it being somewhere between 1000-4000 words. Fingers crossed. For now, here is todays prompt!

Bored Spirits

Even a gentle spirit can become mischievous and destructive if it grows bored enough. I would say that I am living proof of that, but that would imply that I am a living being. I am far from that – I am an essence that has existed for many years. I have been around through wars and changes, and I have never before stepped a foot outside of the realm of being an incorporeal guide. It is the essence of kind spirits that guide wayward humans through this world. Some of us choose to stay behind… some of us simply don’t know how to let life go. Some of us, such as myself, had our lives ended far too early.

I was a young woman when I died, killed as a witch. Perhaps there was some truth to the claim; I often brewed potions to help the sick, to grant strength, love, happiness. I cast spells and read the runes, but I never had malicious intent in the things that I did. I was a shaman to the village. It was only when religion swept through the region that I was suddenly a threat to the souls of our people. I was sacrificed to flame and sky in hopes to save my people. Though there are many spirits that would have turned wicked after meeting such a fate, I couldn’t. I knew that the village was just frightened… and I wondered how different things would have been for them,had they had a guide to get them through such trying and frightening times

For years, I was that guide. I whispered help during the night – I inspired dreams of peace and love. I did all that I could to help humanity. For years, I thought that I would make a difference. For years, I thought that I was…

But no matter what I did, evil existed amongst humanity. Burning witches were replaced with corrupt leaders, with scapegoats of race and religion. Hatred breeds hatred, and the desire for humanity to be evil, to allow evil to happen, and to partake of its fruits never faltered or wavered.

I was the one who finally broke.

A woman had just been murdered by her husband. I’d tried to give him council, tried to tell him of patience and her love. He thought she was cheating, he thought that she would be an unfit mother… and so he had taken her from this world. I could see as her spirit soared upward and into whatever lies behind the planes of earth. As she was dying, her vision blurred and merged, so that for a moment she could see the plane of the incorporeal that walked and existed alongside her own. I’d given council to this woman many a times, and she knew my essence. She spoke her final words… only two words, but they made an impact.

“Avenge me.”

I felt myself change. I was bored with humanities inability to improve itself. There was far too much evil in this world. Poltergeists come into existence for many reasons. I could feel myself shift from a simple spirit. I could feel my body becoming more tangible, frightening in its sudden presence. I saw the husbands eyes widen, and I felt a malicious smile spread across my countenance. I was bored with humanities evils. Perhaps their own law couldn’t protect them… but I had the power and strength to rid the world of its evils.

I was a ghost of vengeance, that it was this worlds evil that gave me my birth. Their evil had led to my death, and now it would lead to their own.

I was ready.

I can’t wait to see what you guys have come up with, and what you continue to come up with! Until next time! Happy Writing!

Author Amanda McCormick
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