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October Writing Prompt 4 – The Fury of the Deep

Hey all! It’s time for the fourth prompt of the month for me! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with… and this one is actually also getting me excited for NaNoWriMo. I feel like after I’m done with this month of prompts, I’m going to have a million options for NaNo!


The Fury of the Deep

Their hypnotic songs turned men into slaves.  There have always been tales of fantasy when it came to the merfolk – no one realized the true terror that lurked behind the whimsical tales that mortal men tell. Those who have seen the merpeople for what they truly are have never come to the surface to tell the world the truth of their vicious nature.

The only truth to their legend is that of the siren – beautiful women who have lured ships to the depths of the ocean, have turned men to slaves. They have stolen more lives than anyone is aware… but no one thinks of this when they think of the mermaid. Instead they think of beautiful songs and Disney characters.

No one thinks of the vile creatures of the depths, whose full lips give way to sharp teeth. Their pale flesh is luminescent in the deep dark waters of the ocean; they draw in their prey with a beautiful voice, only to devour them once they have given in to the enchantment. They are magik, more ancient than anything that walks on the land.  When they lure humans to the depths, they sometimes keep them living and breathing through that magik, so that they can breed them like cattle. Atlantis, the lost city, was sunk to the depths from going to war with them. This tale has been lost to legend, just as the truth of the mermaids nature has changed over the years.

There is a problem, however. They have become malcontent with their domain of the ocean. Humans strive to explore further and further into the depths… and the merpeople are growing angry. A war is coming, and humanity will realize for the first time that the mythical creatures that they have fantasized about for so very long are not the innocent and kind beings that they have imagined. They are lethal, deadly, and the apex predator to humanity… for the simple fact that they are not simply bound to the ocean. They can take to the land, and they plan on doing so. They plan to conquer the world in a wash of blood and terror the likes of which no human has ever seen before.

I send this message as a warning from the depths of the ocean… I am the only living survivor that I know of… the only human who has managed to escape from the depths of the merpeople’s city. I have heard their plans, and I know that our race is doomed unless we prepare. Watch the oceans, watch the waves… watch the sea.

Death is coming for us all, and I do not know if we have the strength to survive the song of the sirens.

Let me know what you guys think! I can’t wait to see your responses! Until next time, keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick

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