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October Horror Writing – Prompt #5 – NaNo Tip #1

Hey, everyone has been doing great so far. I’ve loved both hearing from and seeing some of your work! I can’t wait to see what this prompt inspires. I wanted to leave it a little more open this time as far as how ‘horror’ you had to make your story. This could be psychological, supernatural, or just an emotional thing. I can’t wait to write about it as well as see what you come up with. Also! Included in these prompts will be tips for NaNoWriMo! My first tip is this – get Scrivener or a program like it. Allowing yourself to break up and properly plot and plan is such a vital thing. Check HEREΒ to seeΒ my previous post about Scrivener. ❀ So, Tip one, get a program to help you organize your ideas!

Now, on to the prompt!

prompt 5

I can’t wait to see what our creative minds turn up next.

Until next time, keep reading and writing!

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