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Reviewing without Realizing…

After tackling her first mission and coming to terms with her power of empathy, Andriana discovers her first battles were only a taste of what is to come. She and her knight, Ronan, have admitted their feelings for each other, but their bonds are tested when Dri is captured by their mortal and spiritual enemy—Sethos—and his master, Keallach, emperor of Pacifica. Andriana is certain Keallach can be convinced to follow the Maker’s plan and join the other Remnants … but in time, she must decide whether she really can pull him back to the Way, or if Sethos’s web of darkness has slowly and thoroughly trapped them both … forever.

Remnants: Season of Fire (A Remnants Novel) Hardcover – March 3, 2015

I really was enjoying this novel as I began reading it. The writing was extremely well done, and the storyline, while a bit confusing, was something that I was interested in following. However, readers… this is going to be a shorter review than my usual ones for one simple fact – I did not realize, when agreeing to read this novel, that it was a part two in a series. I enjoy the novel to the extent that I want to read the first installation before I begin anything else. Just know that if you are looking for a SERIES to begin, the author of this novel is a wonderful writer… and you will be seeing a review from me as soon as I actually get my hands on the first novel. Read it though, if you haven’t! It’s quite lovely!

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