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Hey guys, I haven’t been around for a bit to post! So, I wanted to go ahead and share something with you. Fresh off the press, completely unedited. I haven’t even taken the time to read over it – here is an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo Camp Novella, Trinity!

Finding Killian Grey had taken the majority of ingenuity that I possessed… internet searches, as well as calling in a few favors from friends was how I’d found myself in the seedier part of the city. These apartments were the ones that you always drove by with your doors locked, your windows rolled up tight. I couldn’t believe that I was standing here now, but the bloodstain on the carpet in my living room and the thought of Alec, my sweet, kindhearted Alec in trouble was enough to propel me forward. My purse was clenched tight in my arms, and I could feel the way that my lower lip was actually slightly swollen from the way that I was biting it.
It was honestly now or never, and I couldn’t turn back now.
With a deep breath, I pushed into the unlocked building, quickly scanning the floor level of doors until I found the one with a rusted 16 hung in its center.
I raised my hand to knock and was surprised to see the way that my clenched fist was shaking. It was while I was standing there with my hand raised in the air, trying to collect myself before knocking that the door swung open and I felt myself jerked forward in a blue of motion masked with intense blue eyes.
I was instantly overwhelmed by a sweet, musky scent that filled my senses – that and a warm, hard chest that I was clenched against. There was a low, rumbling growl and an intake of breath… and just as suddenly as I was jerked forward, I heard the door behind my slam and felt my back pressed tight against it. Strong, bare arms were suddenly on either side of my head like steel bars, and a soft voice pulled my gaze upward.
“You aren’t one of them. You smell like it… but you’re different, aren’t you?”
I was startled, and it wasn’t just from his words. For some reason, I’d been imagining Killian Grey as someone who looked like he should live in these apartments… not a man with the most striking blue eyes and chiseled features that I’d ever seen. The strength of his jaw was hidden by black scruffy facial hair, which still somehow managed to look attractive on him. It matched the messy straight strands that fell into his eyes. Those eyes sent my head rocking back, letting me know that he was at least a foot taller than my five foot frame.
“I… I…” For a moment, it was hard for me to form words. It was only after catching my breath that I finally managed to sputter out my words. “Are you Killian?”
He didn’t answer me immediately. He moved closer, his hues looking intently at my face. I could see the way that he examined every inch of it, and I watched as his nostrils flared again.
“No, you aren’t one of them at all.” Dark brows knitted together. “But you smell like them… underneath though…” Again, he inhaled and I actually saw as dark lashes closed, his eyes rolling lightly as they did… “You’re all sorts of sweet.”
His lids snapped open so suddenly that it caused me to jerk forward, making me jump against him. “Who are you?” His voice was sharp when he asked the question, his hands coming closer to cup my face so that I couldn’t move my gaze from his own.
“Alessa… Alessa Jones.”
“And how do you know my name, Alessa Jones?” He moved closer, his tongue darting against his lips. He was looking at me like he wanted to eat me up, and I couldn’t help but to shiver in reaction.
I was having trouble talking again, and I actually had to take a shaking breath before I could speak. “A man named Peter Bane told me that you could help me find my boyfriend.”
His body jerked at the words I spoke, a snarl spilling from his lips. “Peter Bane?” His eyes narrowed slowly, their blue hues seeming to shimmer in the light. “And what is the name of your boyfriend, Alessa Jones?”
“Alec…” I whispered his name softly – just speaking it made my chest hurt. What was happening to him right now? “Travalis.”
The snarl from before turned into a full throated growl and he pushed himself further away from he. A laugh barked from his chest, and he ran his fingers through his already messy hair. “Do you have a death wish? You come here, seeking my help to find one of them?” He moved closer to me suddenly, and I felt his face pressed to my neck before I saw the motion of it. His nose ran a hot line along the hollow of my throat that made me shiver. “Perhaps they’re playing a sick little game with you…” He lingered there, the heat of his breath tickling against my flesh, for a moment longer before pulling back again.
“Either way, I’m not going to help you find some blood sucking psycho. Let me give you some advice, sweetheart,” He actually turned from me, casting a grin over his shoulder as he did, “They’re just using you to see if I’ll kill you. I’m not playing their games.”
The amount of information that had just been thrust upon me was enough to make me blink once, slowly. The word bloodsucking and kill stood out the most… but I couldn’t quite process the meaning of what he was saying.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. All that I know is that Peter Bane told me that you could give me information on what happened. Maybe he meant for me to take it to Alec’s father… I don’t know. But he isn’t playing games me with, and Alec is missing and I-” I actually felt tears beginning to well up in my eyes from the frustration that I felt. “I don’t know what else to do.”
He snorted at my words, but I could see his eyes flickering to my own, detecting my tears. I could have been mistaken, but I thought I saw pity flash across his face.

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