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Review: Destiny Maker: Lost Souls Trilogy Book One

Destiny Maker: Lost Souls Trilogy Book One
Destiny Maker: Lost Souls Trilogy Book One by Melissa Dugger
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Katie is plagued with dreams and visions she can’t understand. It’s not until her dad goes missing and she enters the spirit realm to find him that the pieces start to fall into place.

A reaping of souls has begun, and Semonic, the ruler of Dylonia, will stop at nothing until every soul belongs to the darkness.

While the souls of men rally to defeat him, Katie must decide whether her soul can accept her destiny—and whether her heart can survive the two men sworn to protect her. Only the Destiny Maker knows if she will lose her life and possibly her heart. – Amazon Description

I found this book quite interesting in the beginning. The first few initial chapters do a wonderful job of pulling you in and catching your attention. However, as the book progresses, I find that it becomes a bit of a spiral, as well as a bit predictable. I feel like the author of this particular story may just really be developing their voice, and therefore they are learning how to properly spin their tale.

Learning that this is book one of a trilogy is enough to make me still keep interest piqued. I cannot wait to see how the author develops, and how their writing will progress.

I always find myself interested in books when they give you the chance to wonder as to exactly what the main characters choices are going to be in the following novels, so I am awaiting the rest of the novels in this series.

I give the story a 4 for story, but the writing and errors that I found bumped the score down to a 3.

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