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The Catch – Taylor Stevens

“With blood on her hands and a soul stained with guilt, Munroe has fled to Djibouti, Africa. There, with no responsibility except a gig at a small maritime security company, Munroe finds stillness—until she’s pressured to work as an armed guard on a ship bound for Kenya. On board, Munroe discovers the contract is merely cover for gunrunning; when the ship is invaded off the Somali coast, she fights her way out—dragging the unconscious captain with her.

But nothing about the hijacking is what it seems. The pirates had come for the captain, and continuing their pursuit, they unwittingly raise the killer’s instinct Munroe has tried so hard to bury. Wounded and on the run, Vanessa Michael Munroe will use the life of her catch as bait and bartering chip to manipulate every player, and wash her conscience clean.”
– Amazon Excerpt

I regret to say that I didn’t enjoy this novel as much as I thought I would upon requesting it. While the writing was done brilliantly, I couldn’t get into the plot of the novel. When I read a book that I truly enjoy, I find myself immersed in the world, so that I am taken away from simple words on a page and transported to the story. I couldn’t attain that place with this novel, and therefore couldn’t actually finish the entirety of it.

I do, however, have to say again that the author did a fantastic job with the writing, and that it was eloquent and well done. I can only hope that I read something by Taylor Stevens at a later date that changes my mind! Overall, I will have to give the novel a 2.5 – I enjoyed the writing, but I couldn’t get into the story.

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