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Into the land of pintrest. By clicking THIS LINK, I have set myself up for my next writing prompts for a while to come. Now, I am still completely open and adoring the idea of suggestions from all of you, prompt ideas, or even just you selecting one of the prompts from the provided link.

Otherwise, I thought it would be fun to try to get a little novel of short stories created during the year! I can’t wait to see what I end up turning out! I should have my prompt for the day up by sometime tonight.

Other than that, things have been going well. I will admit that I’ve been a little distracted from the writing because of the weekend NA LCS games that were going on. (She’s a writer and she plays League of Legends… ohmai). However, I’ll be getting back into the grind of things today!

I think tomorrow I’m going to do a revamp of my writing area/get new pictures/blog about it. Right now, it’s a bit messy… and I’m actually going to touch on that subject in tomorrow’s blog!  I can’t wait to show that to you all!

Other than that, please, feel free to steal the link provided! If you do any of the prompts, I would love a link to them in my comments!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!

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This writing Prompt comes from JK, who wrote the following:

Choose a favorite painting, preferably not something everyone has already seen (like the Scream), and use it as inspiration to write a short story about what is depicted in the painting.

I actually have a piece that I did not too long ago –  I will do another prompt to make up for the fact that this is previously written, but it was too fun not to share!

If you have a writing prompt that you’d like to see featured (I will link to your blog!) Please leave it in the comments below! I can’t wait to get more of these!

She had been traveling through the dense woods for some time before she came upon the clearing. Until then, everything had been muted green, dull brown, dead foliage. She wasn’t sure why she’d ever thought she could come on this quest, what had made her think that she was an adventurer like her brother, like her father. Their ‘adventuring’ had managed to get them killed, after all. So, what was she doing out in these woods? She knew, of course, that she was out here to look for a plant that would make her mother get better. Giselle had fallen ill months earlier, and after asking every doctor that she could find, Aribelle had all but given up hope. That was, of course, when the man appeared at her doorway.

She could remember it very well – he’d come in a suit far too nice for anyone in her village, all smiles and brilliant blue eyes that seemed as lively as the gaze of a dead fish. He’d smiled with teeth a little too pointed and told her of a place where she could find the cure to all pain, where she could make any wound simply disappear. She had but to find it.

While she would have usually been suspicious, even dismissing of such words… the man had come to her in a time when there was nothing left, a time when she grasped at any all all straws if they could provide even an ounce of hope in the darkness of her life. He preyed upon the fact that there was nothing left for her, save for a mother that was whithering away to nothing while laying upon soiled sheets and the impending thought of being homeless once the burden of her mother was taken from this world. It was a lose lose situation, and there was nothing that she could do but to ask where to go.

Of course, the man had grinned at her words, tilting his head and handing her a map without another word. She opened the paper, examining it for a moment and then letting her gaze jerk upward when she realized where he was trying to get her to go. “But this is the Carnivorous Forest!”

And yet, the man was gone.

Somehow, Ari had found herself here, lost deep within the forest. She hadn’t eaten in two days, and it seemed to her that the lines on the map that she clutched desperately between her fingers moved as she moved, so that every passing hour caused her to become more and more lost. At a time, she’d tried to find her way back out – even that hadn’t worked. With nothing else to do, she had forged onward, hoping that she would find this magical plant that would solve all of her worries, hoping that she would find it if only so she could have something to cling to as she tried to make her way out of this damnable place.

It was when she was losing all hope that she’d found the clearing – the brightness of the colors had almost blinded her. The disbelief that rocked through her body caused her to drop her map; she ran forward, a giggle spilling from her lips and let herself fall forward onto the soft, springing moss and the fire-like red that littered the forest floor. The great tree that stood above her was like some beacon of hope… and she suddenly felt the exhaustion of the last few days pouring over her in such tiring waves that she could do nothing more than to crawl beneath the tree and let herself lay over. Aribelle was so overtaken with exhaustion, with pain, that she didn’t notice when the roots of the tree crept over her legs, nor when the red foliage began to crawl over her body, slipping into her skin and moving like worms beneath pale flesh. She could only think that she was so tired, and that the pain of hunger, or worry… it was all melting away as the exhaustion completely overwhelmed her.

She didn’t notice as the red leaves continued to spill into her body, as the roots grasped her more and more tightly so that there was no escape. It was only when she heard a rustling, a soft chuckle, that her eyes flew wide open and she realized what was happening to her. She tried to scream, but the green moss of the tree spilled forward, wrapped tight around her throat, slipped between her lips, spilled up her nostrils. It choked away her air supply completely, and her eyes flared wide as she watched the man in the nice suit bend down and pick up the map that he had given her. He dusted it off, carefully folding it and putting it back into his jacket pocket before walking towards her.

Now, Aribelle noticed that the roots of the tree were digging into her flesh, spilling forward to slide down her throat. Everything was fading into starbursts as her oxygen supply depleted. The red leaves were squirming beneath her flesh as though trying to tell her something… something…

The man seemed intent on telling her first. He leaned down, his voice a whisper as he spoke, “I told you… there is a place in this wood that will take all of the pain away.”

She wanted to scream, but it was too late. The branches twisted further down, into her intestines, creeping out of every orifice. As the man spoke his last word, they ripped upward and out… and there was nothing more for Aribelle but a vicious spray of blood and bone and thicker things… and the leaves spilling from beneath her skin to fall down, blood drenched and and shivering.

Above her, the tree gave a mighty groan, its bare branches sprouting blossoms, red plants and leaves once more spilling from those blooms. It fed on the blood, the meat… and Aribelle’s despair. The man stepped forward, pressing one palm to the bark of the tree, his lips twisting into a vicious grin. “Do not fear, my love. I will bring you more… I know how you hunger.” And as the man turned away, the first read plant fell from the branches of the tree… and through the air, Airbelle’s last cry disappeared into the darkness of the wood.

Well, that’s the writing prompt, and I hope you enjoyed it! I love any comments!!!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!

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That’s right, folks. I know that I tried to do this before, and I failed miserably. However, I’m going to start at it again. I would really, really like to get daily writing prompts going, and I figured that the best way to do it was to put them on here! This will also give me the ability to hold myself accountable for this writing! So! I’m going to start with some prompts from Writers Write, but I have a proposition for you all!

I would love it if you suggested my next prompt in the comments below! I think that it could make for some really fun and interactive writing!

So! Daily Writing Prompt #1


Well, this isn’t exactly creative, but I find it extremely interesting. My current novel is about the zombie apocalypse, with the infected fueled by the power of Hell itself. My main character, while calm and collected, a real ‘good girl’ spend the former portion of the novel completely doubting the existence of any God that would allow such travesties to happen. The second half of the novel, her view point certainly changes, but I don’t want to spoil that for anyone who might read it later!

As to whether her beliefs meet up with mine? I’m Theistic Agnostic, so.

So, there we go. An extremely easy one, but still, a writing prompt! I would LOVE to see some creative suggestions!

Until next time guys! Keep reading and writing!

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The Catch – Taylor Stevens

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“With blood on her hands and a soul stained with guilt, Munroe has fled to Djibouti, Africa. There, with no responsibility except a gig at a small maritime security company, Munroe finds stillness—until she’s pressured to work as an armed guard on a ship bound for Kenya. On board, Munroe discovers the contract is merely cover for gunrunning; when the ship is invaded off the Somali coast, she fights her way out—dragging the unconscious captain with her.

But nothing about the hijacking is what it seems. The pirates had come for the captain, and continuing their pursuit, they unwittingly raise the killer’s instinct Munroe has tried so hard to bury. Wounded and on the run, Vanessa Michael Munroe will use the life of her catch as bait and bartering chip to manipulate every player, and wash her conscience clean.”
– Amazon Excerpt

I regret to say that I didn’t enjoy this novel as much as I thought I would upon requesting it. While the writing was done brilliantly, I couldn’t get into the plot of the novel. When I read a book that I truly enjoy, I find myself immersed in the world, so that I am taken away from simple words on a page and transported to the story. I couldn’t attain that place with this novel, and therefore couldn’t actually finish the entirety of it.

I do, however, have to say again that the author did a fantastic job with the writing, and that it was eloquent and well done. I can only hope that I read something by Taylor Stevens at a later date that changes my mind! Overall, I will have to give the novel a 2.5 – I enjoyed the writing, but I couldn’t get into the story.

Goodness, I have been gone for a bit. What was my absence over Christmas turned into my absence over being sick after Christmas. For that I apologize, but I am back now and ready to once more begin giving you regular blog updates!

As far as what I’ve been doing… yes, I’ve been sick. I also managed to get a hold of an adorable new baby…. and by baby, I mean baby rat. And by adorable, I mean super adorable.

DRAVENHis name is Draven, and he’s my writing buddy. We all need a mascot. Mine just so happens to be fuzzy and love giving me little nibbles when I don’t give him enough snacks!

Anyway, as to what you can be expecting over the next few days – I am currently in the process of finishing up a novel by an indie author John Needham. I will be doing a book review on that soon, and then scrambling to get caught up on the other book reviews that I need to complete. I’m going to try to get back to that – I think my target goal on those is to review a book each week, unless it’s something massively long that needs two weeks.

Other than that, I have done a few revisions on my NaNo Novel from 2013, as well as some more writing on my novel from 2014. I wonder, would you guys like to see little excerpts from those? Let me know!

So, I will be posting blogs about writing, about reading, about all of the things. I have certainly missed the input and feedback, as well as the community here, and I’m glad to be back!

PS: Bully me into making another vlog!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!

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