And I feel like I’m pretty much hitting the reset button. Sometimes we come to a point in our novels when we realize that we should have gone with the instincts that we had previously.

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That’s the case with me. I kind of thought that I should have written my novel in 1st person… and when I came to the point of 30,000 words and a stagnant inability to continue writing, I had to make a decision. Either I could keep pushing through with third person and just hope that it pulled through… or I could make the decision to rewrite the first 6 chapters in first person so that I could move forward.

After much debating, I decided to go ahead and do the rewrite. I couldn’t keep going with third person… and so, in first person, I’ve already managed to get over 4,000 words written. Making the decision to write in first person helped me to feel better about my commissions as well. I know that the point of NaNoWriMo is to keep writing without worrying about it, but sometimes we have to make the decision to do what is right for us – me changing to first person? That’s the best decision I’ve made. I am keeping old words, working on new words and rediting old words, and it’s working out best for me.

Honestly, as writers sometimes we face extremely scary decisions. When we edit, we tear ourselves apart, and it’s hard. We have to delete, rewrite, do everything and anything that we can to make our story the best… and we are the only people brave enough to make those decisions. We take our babies and rip them apart and make them something better and stronger. So… don’t be afraid of big changes! Don’t be afraid of doing what you have to do! You’re a writer! You build the world! Sometimes building takes some tearing down in the process.

PS: Check out my new favorite novel soundtrack youtube channel!!!

Keep on reading and writing,

Author Amanda McCormick

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  1. hmthreatte says:

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! It is not something you have to do if you don’t want to. — It’s a way to network and get to know other bloggers. — So feel free to check it out…

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