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Weekly Update and Upcoming News!

So, I’m extremely excited for a few upcoming events that I’ll be hosting on my blog, but first let me get to telling you all about how my last week went.

I have to say that the schedule is perfect. With the hour that I spend in the morning getting the things that I don’t want to write out of the way, I am always hitting at least the 2k word mark. So, in a week I can write 10k words, easily. The best thing, however, is getting those 2k words out of the way really makes me feel energized, excited… I’ve got a lot of planning for my newest novel coming through… and a lot of editing of my old novel, which is really important for me to finish up. After all, if you don’t polish a story, how can you ever send it off to publishers!?

Seriously though, hitting daily word counts of 5,000+ easily is something that makes me happy, makes me smile… and pleases me all the more because I don’t feel burnt out with it. I think that finding a structure, a rhythm to your writing, something that makes you feel good is the most important thing that you can do! 

As for some comment highlights, here’s what some other people do for their writing schedule/times!

Frannie says: For me I write whenever I have the time during my day but I feel like I’m more creative in the morning but now that I have more than 4 projects I have to make time for each which is hard but doable.

I can completely agree with what she’s saying here – a lot of people have specific times during the day that they feel more creative. It’s why I like to write down the times that I write, when I write the most. It shows me a pattern, so in a few months… maybe I can adjust my schedule to be even more effective!

Kate says: I write in the evening, I find that is the best time for me to remove myself from everything, probably because after 5pm nothing is open and I have no excuse not to be sitting in front of my computer. I get into the swing of things by reading for about an hour before I start writing. It lets my mind get into the creative phase.

I responded to her by saying that reading can really put me into the mood as well.  A lot of times, if I’m really not feeling writing, sitting down for an hour with my favorite author reminds me of what inspired me in the first place!


So yeah, the schedule is working out really well… and I know that I’ll be able to give you guys more thoughts and opinions of it the longer that I go! Of course, come November, I’m going to have to schedule in some extra time for NaNoWriMo!!! (My husband will never see me, he’ll be so sad.)


Anyway! On some awesome news, I have multiple Author Interviews set up for the next few books that I read. Please stay tuned to the blog to see some of your favorite writers answering questions, giving thoughts, advice, etc! (If you would like to have a guest spot on my blog, please send me an email to, and we can discuss it!)

So, those are my updates, and I’m really excited to be able to tell you what’s happened next week as well! 


Until next time guys, keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick (Find me HERE on Twitter for updates throughout the day) 


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