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Plastic Confidence by Alisa Mullen Ponderings

Getting to talk to the author via email, I find myself even more impressed with her writing. (I got to add in a new picture, so I figured I would re-blog.) Honestly, you should go and pick this novel up if you’re into the New Adult genre. Or even if you aren’t!

Author Amanda McCormick

Plastic Confidence
Plastic Confidence by Alisa Mullen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a genre of books that I’d never read before (This whole new adult thing), I went into Plastic Confidence a little wary. I was lucky enough to be provided with a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review… and let me say that I am SO glad I won this copy!

I found this book completely thrilling, enthralling, captivating, and well written. I’m usually not one for self-pubish books. This one was so wonderfully done however. The cover art is gorgeous, the inside format is wonderful… and honestly, it’s just amazing. There were a few grammar errors, but they really didn’t detract from the story in the least.

And the story, oh how beautiful of a story it is.

Pretty young woman with electric guitar posing over dark background

“What happens when the past rears its ugly head and messes with who…

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