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Plastic Confidence by Alisa Mullen Ponderings

Plastic Confidence
Plastic Confidence by Alisa Mullen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a genre of books that I’d never read before (This whole new adult thing), I went into Plastic Confidence a little wary. I was lucky enough to be provided with a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review… and let me say that I am SO glad I won this copy!

I found this book completely thrilling, enthralling, captivating, and well written. I’m usually not one for self-pubish books. This one was so wonderfully done however. The cover art is gorgeous, the inside format is wonderful… and honestly, it’s just amazing. There were a few grammar errors, but they really didn’t detract from the story in the least (and you know that speaks volumes of how good the story is, coming from me!).

And the story, oh how beautiful of a story it is.

Pretty young woman with electric guitar posing over dark background

“What happens when the past rears its ugly head and messes with who you thought you were? Will it break down all your walls and set your whole world on fire?
Meet Julia Delaney, a.k.a Jules, the lead singer of Love Sick Ponies, sex superstar, and a heart full of rocks. She loves them and leaves them, a bad girl through and through.
That is until she meets Brennan Curtis, a fan boy, a wannabe friend, and the only one who can possibly tear Jules’ walls down.
When the plastic snaps wide open, Jules finds herself in a vulnerable and awkward situation with Brennan and her band.
Jules’ journey of self-discovery started at a young age and her self- image, which is engrained in her brain, might just be there for life. Desperate to alter how people view her, she realizes that she might never be able to escape the past.” – from the goodreads page.

As the synopsis says, this is a story about Jules, a rocker chick with a past that has completely defined who she is as an adult. Through quite a few circumstances, some of them paranormal, Julia has grown up to be a rocker with a casual love them and leave them take on sex. Her bandmate, Johnny, is completely and utterly head-over-heels for her, but even that isn’t in the cards. One night, she meets Brennan, and he awakens emotions inside of her that she didn’t thinks he had anymore.

Now, I really won’t get into spoilers for this book, because I think everyone should get a copy and read it for themselves. However, I will say that there is some astounding character development within its pages. We literally go through an emotional roller coaster up and down with Julia, watching her grow from an innocent twelve year old child to a self-proclaimed slut, to a woman who is figuring out who and what she wants in life. It was done seamlessly, flawlessly, and through the hilariously and wonderfully vocal first-person perspective of Julia.

As for the story? It didn’t feel like it was long enough, in truth. I could have happily had more. I enjoyed the development of it, I enjoyed the pacing, I enjoyed everything about it. I hear there is a second one coming out, and I can’t wait to hopefully get my hands on it to read it! I want to see what happens next.

Let me give you some non-descriptive spoilers. (You’ll know that I spoiled when you get there.)

First of all, maybe I shouldn’t… but I love Johnny. I love his character, he’s such a darling. There are some scenes with him that literally had me in tears – he broke my heart. I love it.

I love the paranormal aspect of this. I wasn’t expecting it, so it was a real delight!

I just hope that the second one that I was teased gives me some closure on Johnny’s story. I’d love to see it.

All and all, a great book! If you like new-adult erotica with strong themes, pick it up! It’s a fast read that is worth your while! Get it! Go! Now!

Until next time, guys! Keep reading and writing!

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    Getting to talk to the author via email, I find myself even more impressed with her writing. (I got to add in a new picture, so I figured I would re-blog.) Honestly, you should go and pick this novel up if you’re into the New Adult genre. Or even if you aren’t!

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