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Review: Obsidian Butterfly

Obsidian Butterfly
Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell K. Hamilton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hey there, another Anita Blake book review!

Okay, so… I honestly know that a lot of people actually do not like this book. Something about the fact that it doesn’t include Jean-Claude or Richard*gagmewithaspoon*, or any of Anita’s other regular boys. Hell, it doesn’t even involve her normal police outfit. However, I really found this book to be refreshing! Maybe it was because it was centralized on the crime aspect of Anita’s life. Maybe it’s because it has a huge, huge, huge featuring of one of my all time favorite characters, Edward. Or maybe it’s because this book does such amazing character development that I honestly can’t stand myself.

“Obsidian Butterfly continues the adventures of Anita Blake. In this novel, Anita travels to New Mexico to investigate a series of supernatural attacks as a favor to her long-time friend, the assassin Edward. In the course of that investigation, Anita picks up many clues as to the enigmatic Edward’s life and past, comes in contact with an alleged Aztec god, and attempts, as always, to sort out her own relationship with Jean-Claude and Richard. As with the other novels in the series, Obsidian Butterfly blends elements of supernatural and hardboiled detective fiction.” – From the Wikipedia.

Honestly, let me just say that I completely adored the crime aspect of it. It was amazing, enthralling, and really, really interesting. I won’t spoil even a minute of it – it’s bloody, gruesome, and something that I actually didn’t guess at all!

However, what I really love about this book is the development of Edward’s character. We find that Edward leads a life in new Mexico as ‘Ted Forrester’ his alternate identity. We also find out that he’s engaged to a middle aged mother with two children… and when the lives of the people who his alter ego loves are threatened… we get to see exactly how cold and unfeeling Edward really is. Knock on the Tinman’s chest… I think he has a heart.

Just amazing, honestly.

I really don’t want to give too many spoilers, because so much of this book is amazing to discover. We still get our fill of the preternatural creepy crawlies, which is wonderful. And in the end, Anita actually comes to a conclusion about her relationships with Richard and Jean-Claude.

A total must-read. Five out of Five stars!


Until next time, keep reading and writing!

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