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The Pure Joy of Books


So… I live with quite a few people who don’t understand the complete and utter joy of getting books. I’ve recently taken up with an Amazon Wish List as a way for some of my clients to pay me for my writing commissions, as well as a link to instantly throw people who purchase me gifts. 

Anyway, I’ve been getting quite a few orders off of there in the last two months, and I can’t even begin to describe the joy that I feel when the mailman knocks on the door and I am presented with an amazon box. I think that only people who really like to read could possibly understand – there’s such a thrill! What did I get? What am I going to get to read? Which world am I going to disappear into? Reading gives me an amazing rush, gives me insight into the business that I want to go into, and takes me away from any stress that I might be feeling at the time. There’s nothing better than doing it, to me. I love gaming… but there’s just a deep satisfaction from curling up in a chair with a bottle of water and escaping into a book for a few hours. 

My husband says to me, “Amanda, you  have too many books. Why do you need more?”

And the answer is, “There are never enough. I will always want something new to read, a new world to escape into. Shhhhh.” And then I quickly run away to read more books.

I’m just wondering, my dear readers, do you suffer the same problem? Do you have people who don’t understand the magic of books telling you that you have too many? 

What is funny is that when I moved from Kentucky to California, I was forced to leave my books behind. I had soooooooo many – it was painful and awful, but worth it in the end. Still, I am just not starting to get some books back. If he could have seen my old collection…

So, yes, posing that question to you! Do you suffer the same problem? And what do books mean to you? As writers, we have to read every day, we have to keep ourselves fresh, current and inspired!


Until next time! Keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick

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