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Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Pondering!)

Can I start off by saying that I’ve never felt a book cover so soft?

Okay, so… sorry about the blog delay. I’ve had some personal issues going on that I’m actually going to talk about in my next blog. Other than that, I’m going to try to start a blog schedule – every Wednesday and Saturday. I also am still trying to pep talk myself into doing a vlog. I’d love to do book hauls, book reviews, writing advice on my webcam, I’m just x.x paranoid about people being like… ew, whose that? Heh.


ANYWAY! Onward with my pondering of this really wonderful novel.

First of all… the way that she writes is so perfect. I once had a teacher who liked to really be firm on the fact that you should never use words that you don’t need. I honestly don’t feel as though there is a sentence in this book that shouldn’t be there. The author’s language and descriptions, the way that she allows the plot to unfold… it’s just so beautiful. It’s very plot driven without being too fast paced. Laini Taylor really manages to pull you in and get you invested in each and every character, even the side characters.

Let’s give a brief summary without spoiling too many things. Karou is a girl living in Prague – she’s going to school for her art and draws fantastical creatures called chimaera in her sketchbook… and it just also happens that she was raised by these very creatures. When an incident occurs that causes Karou to be cast from her world forever, she’s thrown into a war that she never knew existed – the war between the Chimaera and the Angels. One of those Angels sees her running an errand for her Chimaera Guardian, Brimstone, but finds that he cannot kill her. Now, cast from the only real home she’s ever known… Karou is forced to team up with the angel Akiva to see if she can ever see her family again.

Warning: Amazing romance, heart wrenching plot, characters you will never forget ahead!

Starting, of course, with Karou – she’s so interesting. She’s not your every day, perfect character. I really hate running into Mary-Sueish characters in published novels. She has flaws, she has some major shit going on in her life… but she’s still an extraordinary andΒ  likeable character whose future and desires I was extremely interested in. Along with her come the chimaera – we will go with Brimstone for my example. He is an amazing character – even though he wasn’t written as super charismatic, or anything of the sort… I really enjoyed and came to care about him through the progression of the novel. I’m trying not to wreck too much of the plot in case some of you haven’t read this… because, honestly… you need to read it.

Akiva… oh, Akiva. He’s such a heart wrenching character. He’s an angel with a secret that nearly cost him his life and DID cost him his heart… but in meeting Karou, he might realize that fate has another hand to deal him. He’s amazing, he has such character development… and again, you honestly just care about him.

Even the side characters (the other Chimaera, Karou’s friend Zuzana, who I adore!) are so intriguing and wonderful. I would really recommend this book – I’m delving into the second one now! I can’t wait to get a review up for that.

This is just a book driven by great characters, wonderful storytelling, amazing plot… and pages that you just can’t stop turning. I’m giving it a rare 10/10! You gotta pick this one up, guys!

Until next time!

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