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Such a Night Owl

A random post that will be shorter before I do a longer post… but I always find it a bigger struggle to really get into writing when the sun is up. I mean, I can do it. I do it all of the time… but it’s just not the same. For me, when I write during the day I usually feel… it’s hard to explain. I feel the walls, I feel the people moving around me. I feel the world up and awake, their words demanding my attention and putting a damper to the flow of words.

It’s so much different to write at night. The world sleeps, and I almost feel like I’m literally plucking their dreams from their heads… or better even, I’m the one telling them the story that plays in their minds. I’m the reason they give a little chuckle in their sleep – those are my words. I don’t feel the sun beating down on me with hard and demanding rays… I feel the moonlight wrapping around me and giving me a kind of flight into the night sky. If I find myself stumped, or at a loss for inspiration… I can step outside and see the way that the leaves rustle with the breeze, casting moonlight shadows across the ground.

Yeah. Hoot hoot. I’m certainly a night owl.

How do you write best?

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