Dark Visions, by L.J. Smith Ponderings!

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(Lol, do you guys like how I’m just randomly doing a bunch of book thought blogs? I’m being a book omnmonmoner right now.)

So, as opposed to doing these books one at a time, I thought that I would just wait until I finished the trilogy and write up my thoughts on them as a whole. Let me start off by saying that L.J. Smith is one of my favorite authors. Honestly, as a teenager I read The Forbidden Game Trilogy over and over again until I wore my book out. It was fun, after not having read her for a few years to take a step back and read some of her books again.

Let me start out by saying that I really do love the plotline of these books. Without ruining anything for anyone (because I know quite a few people probably haven’t read these books, so I won’t be so spoiler-y here). It’s got a great pace, especially if you purchase the 3-in-1 collection so you can sit down and take it all as one bigger book as opposed to 3 much shorter ones. The pacing is done really well. To give you a nice, brief overview of the story…. let’s see.

In book one, The Strange Power, we meet our central characters. Kaitlyn Fairchild is a teenager who sees the future via her drawings. She is, of course, beautiful but an outcast amongst her community. She is approached by a woman named Joyce Piper who wants to take her to the Zetes Institution, a place where she can learn to use and control her powers. Of course, she goes (because how fun would the book have been if she’d just said no and stayed home?), and meets the other characters in our little storyline. Rob, the ‘good guy’ character of the book who is a healer. Anna, her dark haired friend who can communicate with animals, and Lewis, who has PK.

And then, of course, there is Gabriel Wolfe.

He’s your typical bad boy, but he has such a good story behind his actions. Again, trying not to give away too much here.

The Institute is run by a man names Mr. Zetes, whose motives are figured out later to be something not so pure as simply helping them to discover their powers. The events after they find this out and decide to do something about it span over the next two books (The Possessed, The Passion). To sum it up… we have an amazing fight, wonderful romance, betrayal, sabotage and a very spicy love triangle!

>_> There, heh. I think that was a good little summary going on here. Honestly, this book is full of enough twists to make it interesting, even if it is a little bit of a generic teenage SP book.

The only thing that I wish is that, perhaps, the books had been a little longer so that L.J. Smith could have explored and developed her characters to a fuller extent. I think that’s the trouble with some of the shorter teen books – authors are forced to rush themselves to get to the end of their story without the novel becoming so lengthy that it isn’t appealing to the targeted group anymore. However, there’s enough spice and life in the characters that the book is still wonderful.

Maybe it’s just me, a fan of the series, wanting more?

Still, I’d really say they’re excellent books to read – give it a 9/10 easily. :3 Go pick them up (or buy them on ebay for 5 bucks like I did.)

  1. I loved these books, but most people don’t read L.J. Smith after The Vampire Diaries (which were crap, to be honest) but OMG SOMEONE ELSE HAS READ THEM!

    • :3 Eee! It’s always exciting to see another person who has read L.J. Smith. Though I did enjoy the first four Vampire Diaries books – the show and the books trying to match that fandom just ruined them. Have you read her Forbidden Game series? So good @_@

  2. Erin says:

    I loved this series as well! I actually really liked the Vampire Diaries series…until the last couple of books, when everything went too weird for me. But I think out of all her books I love the Night World the most. So many great characters.

    Erin @ Raised Reading

    • You probably stopped liking the Vampire Diaries when L.J. Smith was no longer writing them. She wrote, if I am correct, the first 6. After that, they took the series from her – she signed a contract when she was young… and because of that and the popularity of the show… they decided they wanted someone who would write more along those lines as opposed to what L.J. Smith had in mind herself. I think it was a damn shame, but if you check on AmazonWorlds, L.J. Smith has actually found a way to publish HER version of the Vampire Diaries as it should have been continued. I’d say check that out ^_^

      • Yeah, I heard about the ghostwriting thing. I think it’s ridiculous, and so incredibly sad for L.J. Smith. I actually didn’t read any of the ghostwritten books, though. I didn’t hate the last couple of books L.J. herself wrote, but I just got too distracted by all the different plot lines and various happenings that I stopped reading. I think it might have had something to do with how spaced out I read them. Maybe if i gave them another try but all in one sitting it would go better. In any case, Damon forever.

      • The amount of agreeing with you that I have is far too high for me to properly express. ❤ Damon, always. Maybe she was also trying to get all of her plotlines sewn in before they kicked her from the project, you know?

      • Haha, yes, he is just too good. Best bad boy for sure. But yeah, I could see that. I can only imagine what a horrible shock that would be, finding out that one of your best selling series with some of your favorite characters no longer belonged to you.

      • They did it with… I think her secret circle series as well. I’m just so happy that it didn’t apply to Dark Visions and The Forbidden Game x.x

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