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The Hunger Games ponderings.

So, this is one of those books where I actually saw the movie first. I have to say that, even though doing so can quite often ruin my experience with a book, that was not the case. I think they did really well handling the transference of novel to movie!

Now then, with that out of the way… hmm… thoughts. 

For the style of the book, as in the way it was written, I have to say that it was very well done. The only thing is, the perspective kept throwing me off. It wasn’t because it wasn’t done well… it was because I’ve not written in that particular tense, and I wanted to study it as best I could. I got caught up in analyzing her word structure just as much as the story. Thankfully, it didn’t detract from how much I enjoyed it… but it did allow me to learn something while reading – so, distracting or not, I count that as a positive of the book.

Of course, when you’ve seen the movie as well as the book you can’t help but to do a comparison. I think the biggest thing that changed for me was the fact that I really, really liked Peeta a lot more. It was wonderful to see Katniss and her inner struggle with her emotions. That’s one of my favorite things about a book as opposed to film… is that you get that inner dialogue going and suddenly you know what every expression means, every sound, every furrow of the brow. Hearing Peeta in the book, hearing the way that Katniss thought of him, the way her emotions developed with a seed that was always there… well… I can certainly say that I’m cheering for him a lot more than I previously was.

As to other things, I think that the book overall just did a better job. There were so many vivid descriptions, so many emotions that the book managed to pull off, from Katniss and her hallucinations to the way that the dogs at the end of the book were the other contestants. I can certainly say that it was one of those books that I couldn’t put down. I finished it in one sitting, and i’m happy I did so – I’m also happy that I have the other two waiting for me. The story is compelling enough that I want, no, need to know what happens next. 

Overall, I’d say it was a really wonderful book. Fans of the movie will realize that even that great film can’t compare to how wonderful the novels are… so I’d say check it out if you get the chance, if you haven’t already. I know, I know… I’m certainly behind the times on finally getting to read it. I am very glad that I did though!


-Amanda McCormick, musing about books because it makes her happy!

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