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Writing Tip – A Proper Place To Work

So, one of my very first bits of advice, which I didn’t follow myself for a long, long while… you need a proper space to work. You don’t have to have an office, you don’t have to have a room for just work… but you need a place that is your work station.

I wasn’t thinking about this for a long time – I was doing my work on the couch, in the bed… wherever I was at the time. This actually had a really negative influence on my work. The thing about our brains would be the simple fact that they associate a location with what you DO in that location. I’m on the couch: Oh, I could turn on the TV while I work. I’m in my bed: Oh, a nap sounds fantastic.

What I needed all along was something like this!

I’m at my desk: Oh, let’s make coffee and get to work.


I also find that it’s important to personalize your work space. Mine is new, so I’m still working on it… but I have my little rabbit who captains my coffee cannon, my post it ninja, my makeshift calendar, a painting… just a few things to make me feel like this is MY area.



Honestly, the difference is amazing. You won’t realize it until you have your space, but your ability to concentrate, to associate this space as YOUR writing space, the space that you go to think? I promise, it’ll make all the difference in the worl

Cheers guys, and until next time!

-Amanda McCormick, your friendly aspiring author and freelance writer!

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