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Coffee and Writing Sprints

I think coffee and word sprints are what get me through the day sometimes. As someone who does commission writing, I’m honestly not completely enthralled by the things that I have to work on. There are times when the story is just ‘blah’ to me, and I’d rather be working on my personal writing (because that is what is going to make me a rich and famous author some day, really… it is.) Still, the commissions are what make the money, and I’m more than happy to be doing them. I find, though, that one of the best things for getting them done is taking them a chunk at a time.

I’ll do 500-1000 word ‘word sprints’ (Write the words as fast as I can without stopping, no breaks, no looking or checking anything until I’m done). I find that it’s really easy when I have such a low goal, and I get the work done MUCH faster than I would looking at it over it’s 10k word entirety. When you take things in small chunks, you stop yourself from getting overwhelmed at the enormity of a project. I find that if I do 5-10 settings of sprints, with little breaks in between to listen to a song that I want on youtube, or a 5-minute reward of browsing tumblr… it’s a lot easier to take the stories that I’m not fond of. Before I know it, a few hours have gone by, and I have nearly the 10k words that I need.

Another secret to the life of a writer… coffee. Oh, praise coffee. My Keurig is honestly the best machine that I’ve ever had in my entire life. It’s like… pop in a cup, press the brew button, coffee at my fingertips. I’ve never seen anything so amazing! I don’t even have to get up from my desk, I just get to have coffee whenever I’d like. Of course, I use the coffee as a reward as well. If I get so many words, I can make myself another cup. It’s a great idea, and it makes things a lot easier for me. My coffee Guru Bunny:

Captain Caffeine makes sure that I don’t cheat. He mans my Keurig machine and watches over me. Once I’ve completed a goal, he’s kind enough to let me have another cup.

We all need mascots in our life.


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